Who is the best Zangief in the world?

Can someone tell me who is the best Zangief player in the world? It would be great if you could add a link or two to a video. thanks


I think pony was the best ST zangief, although Kuni was also pretty good.

Dunno about SF4 gief, so maybe Itabashi might be?

The video is somewhere on nico but there was a time itabashi won a round solely on pokes. Pokes!! On a pro level circuit. Tellme who gets away with that?

I wish I could footsie the way he does because its genius. He confirms cr.LK hits into ex-green hand at a very high accuracy.

it’s not a confirm, it’s a buffered green hand into the cr. lk such that if the cr.lk hits the ex green hand comes out. it’s useful as a footsie because the cr. lk comes out fast

here try it yourself in training
:dp:, hold :df: lk~lp+mp

you should still be holding :df: after the lp+mp

I think he meant hit confirm. Its quite hard to hit confirm cr. LK since it comes out so fast. All of his LKs are probably buffered but he knows when to cancel it into an ex hand and when not to.

thats cool… i just registered today and thought i was the only zangief in the world. now i feel like im part of somethin. THE RED CYCLONE IS THE GREATEST!!!

Nice site.



if you read the street fighter dojo site there are videos posted of a japanese zangief player named mahou shoujou zangitan which is japanese for “little magic girl zangief” which I think should earn him the best title alone.


Itabashi Zangief I consider to be the best Zangief hands down. And he is a very good friend of mine and I try to meet up with him in arcades when I go to Japan.

is he going to be at evo in vegas next week???

Thanks so much for this tip. I’ve known of all Gief’s combos for the longest time yet it wasn’t until I read that that I could actually buffer correctly.

When it comes to American Giefs, Viscant is pretty good with him

Ultra David is amazing :smiley:

I think I like Itibashi’s patience best.

Mad Yomi.

Bouya uncontested.

I have yet to see Bouya matches

anyone has vids of bouya?

I beat Viscant liek 5 time with Zangief With my Zangief…

you can peep bouya on some cvs2 shit, but i aint seen no sf4 shit