Who is THE greatest grappler in "2D" fighting game history?


Which character in all **2D fighting **game history is the best designed to do their job as a grappler?


Define “their job as a grappler”.

Are we talking power level, or how well they carry out the grappler gameplan and nothing else?




It’s either that fucking asshole Zangief or the nightmare on stumps AC Potemkin.






We all already know.

The Power of Science Embraces all.


Personally, I really like Chadha from Yatagarasu. She has the tools, she’s top tier, and she has a sick-ass 1800 degree SPD super.

Also, pretty much most of the KoF grapplers due to rolls and short hops giving them practical approach options, which is the problem Capcom grapplers tend to have.


Can we talk about our lord & savior AC Potemkin?





AC Potemkin is a fiend. FAB playing him is nightmare fuel.


Honorary mentions to Waldstein too. That nigga is boss af.


Red Venom


Okay, nobody gives a shit about “purity”.

KOF98 Daimon wins then. Easily.


video proof


Is between Potemkin Tager and Waldstein. Though Tager loses some points for being low tier in 3 of the games.
Honorable mention goes to Tamaki on Aquapazza, she only loses points because she is on a game that no one remembers.


I like KOF 98 Goro Daimon for greatest but I’ll put up some honorable mentions, Condor from Breakers Revenge, Gem fighter version of Zangief, Jubei Yamada in Fatal Fury Special, and Fighter’s History Dynamite Mastorius.


Surprised it took 10 posts for someone to say Daimon.


To be fair, I did say “pretty much all KoF grapplers” before that. Because while Clark, Vice and Raiden/Big Bear aren’t as good as Daimon, they’re still remarkably competent for an archetype that usually doesn’t fair super well in 2d games. I would say KoF mechanics makes grapplers better, period, because rolls and hops actually give them viable methods of approach. Seriously, Capcom, why the fuck would you take away Gief’s green hand? I know he got his V-Skill, but that’s just a worse way to get in on someone. And it wasn’t all that good to begin with.

But I’m still going with Chadha. That butch bitch got all Hugo’s/Tizoq’s good stuff (only way better, because that dropkick is insane) and some insane damage output. Also, 1800 degree command grab super.


Heh. You couldn’t even throw fireballs against NC Gief.


Does Joseph Joestar from JoJo HFTF count? He’s got long range grabs that go either high or low, has a counter that does decent damage and since the game has hops and rolls, his mobility aint so shitty.


I know geese is the counter type, but screw this he dose grappling better then grapplers themselve’s.
If fighting games were like pokemon, then geese would be the last evolution to grappler’s.