Who is the greatest Street Fighter?

Take your pick.

I’m going for Grandmaster Gen. The only undefeated Street Fighter.

Dan Hibiki, street fighter… or streetest fighter?

Those 4 guys.

You mean the chubbiest fighter. Thanks for the clarification.

I’d like to point out that none of the characters in the poll are actually street fighters.

So out of the actual Street Fighters, I’d pick Cody. Since he is kind of the only one lol.

Cody. LOL.

Americans… always gotta support their own. Shame they can’t even fight a damn thing.

Chuck Norris… not even a contender against Bruce Lee. LOL.

I’d say probably Gouken, as Gen’s an old man now, and he’s now essentially immune to the raging demon. Ryu and Ken are not even close to the other 3.

But he has been beaten. Gen has never lost. If it weren’t for his illness, he would be even better. Also, his legendary fighting skills are too good. Gouken uses Ansatsuken (similar to Gen) which is why Gen watched Gouken and Akuma fight over Ryu.

Gen v Gouken… Gen wins. Close match though. I like them both.

worst thread

Bruce Lee. Who is American…

Chuck Norris. About as good an American martial artist gets… a joke to Bruce Lee. LOL.

EDIT: Never mind.

…look it’s a troll thread! Let’s see if we can get it to three pages.

Bruce Lee born Lee Jun-Fan in San Fransisco Chinese Hospital in Chinatown San Fransisco California USA. He is also buried in Seattle Washington USA in Lakeview Cemetery. He spent much of his young adult life in China but he was born and spent a lot of his childhood in United States and was a natural US citizen. He is just as much American as Chuck Norris but he was also very in touch with his heritage and china born family. He is about as perfect as you can get for american - chinese relations. Its a shame he isn’t alive today to be an American ambassador to China to help our relations with them.

Reading this thread is like being back in the third grade and arguing with the other munchkins about whether MK or SF have the stronger characters, while enacting moves from the latest ep. of Power Rangers.

Wish there was some option to nominate shitty threads.


Gen was beaten by Akuma.

I don’t think Akuma’s lost to anyone in SF lore, so I’ll go with Akuma.

It was a tie between Gen and Akuma

Actually the first time Akuma and Gouken fought, Gouken whooped him. Akuma was pissed that Gouken didn’t finish him off.

I think Gouken if he used the dark hadou would be easily the most powerful. I think he was always the more talented of the brothers.

What about Oro?