Who is the MOST FEARED VILLAIN in Street Fighter, and why?


I honestly think Akuma, based on the animated series as well as games, he never kills people who aren’t worthy. IE. People who are weaker, smaller, sick, or already dying. Apparently he will only stalk people and continue to stalk them to see if they are worth a challenge to him. For example, Gen. Once he found out he had leukemia, Akuma left.
Though I do not have complete knowledge of the SF series, mostly because I played for a long time before even knowing the story of ANY character, except Ryu ( -.- )
I just started getting into it story wise…
So, correct me if I’m wrong, Akuma only killed 2 people? His master and his brother I assume, and he destroyed Bison but technically Bison half mechanical or some shit?

Anyways, I guess the only reason for any character to fear Akuma is if they thing they are stronger than him. I also read that the symbol on Akumas back means “Sky, or Heaven” which is kind of weird to me.
Also on SF Alpha 3 (I think) Akuma says in his ending “The more evil your past doing, the more painful your death” which is weird for HIM to say… I don’t get it… Also, he says things as if HE WANTS to die, or at least by someone worthy.

So it seems to me Akuma isn’t even a villain to me. He doesn’t seem evil at all… I know he killed his master and his brother, but they both knew the same things Akuma did like knowing how to do that assassin kill technique or whatever it’s called. So if his master and Gouken used that, of course it would kill someone, but what if they were just defending themselves? Would they turn evil?

So I don’t understand. Sorry for the long ass TLDR shit, and I apologize if this is the wrong place to post, but who really is the villain of SF, and why? What has he done to be so feared?


Sorry, my first sentence was probably misinforming. I DON’T think Akuma is the most feared villain, and if you read you will understand. The reason I mentioned him, is because I believe everyone will say “Akuma” but I don’t consider him to be a villain. More of a merciful Anti-Hero. Kind of like the dude from Infamous, or Kratos (except Akuma doesn’t kill a single person every second…)


The most feared villain in SF would be Vega aka Dictator/Bison due to his diabolical disregard for anyone’s or anything’s well-being save his own. The most feared SF character however could easily be Gouki aka Akuma, even though he cannot be classified as a villain for many of the reasons you already mentioned above.

Gouki by the time of Third Strike has actually killed countless besides his master and his brother.

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