Who is the most top tier SF character?

Not sure if this is a dumb question or not, but it’s something I’ve been curious about. But out of all of the SF games, what character has earned a top tier spot more than others? This is including non-Capcom SF games like SF The Movie and SF EX. As well as side games like the CVS series. I believe it’s between Dhalsim, Guile or Sagat.

I personally know Dhalsim was top in WW, ST, and Alpha 3 at least. But I’m not away of the tier list in a lot of other SF2 games. I know amongst scrubs on youtube, it’s believed Chun-Li is, but I don’t think this is correct. I’m kind of interested in knowing this.

not to sure but ill say CE Bison (dictator)… hes a beast

idk bout guile or del but sagat has been good in ST cvs2 sf4.ryus been solid in a few to.

Yeah, but that was only in one game. to my knowledge he was nerfed pretty bad in HF. Not sure about how he placed in SSF2. I know he was top 5 in ST, and was pretty good in CVS 2. I know he was pretty bad throughout the Alpha series though.

I thought he meant in just one game specifically, not overall. I really didn’t read it like i should have:sweat:

sagat and chunli

Sagat. He’s usually pretty solid

Hogan Listamania - See this image on Photobucket.

This is all I have to say to that.


bison too, 3 way tie really

Akuma. Since his debut:

Super Turbo: Banned
Alpha 2: Top 4 easy
Alpha 3: Top w/ Ryu (V Akuma)
Vs Series: Mecha-Akuma
3S: Mid
HD Remix: Probably top, may be banned again
IV: Upper Mid.

HD Remix Akuma is that good? Really?

Also Akuma was high/top tier in SF3: 2I too.

The fuck.

Hes definitely mid-tier. Still good, but in no way top 4.



Akuma Top 4 in A2?!

Waits for RagingStormX

Akuma and sim are prolly the best overall. Followed closely by sagat and cum li. But this depends on if you only count sf based games. Will cvs or cvs2 count? Will cfe count? If we are only talking about games that have sf in the name Akuma is #1 imo by far. Then prolly sim, then sagat, then a tie with chun li and ryu.

Zangief was top tier in WW and EX Plus/Alpha and was high up in Alpha 3 too I think.

cammy and sagat.

Zangief wasn’t top in WW, I’m pretty sure of that.

WW was a 3 way match between Guile, Dhalsim, and Chun-Li.

Guile owned the entire cast except for Dhalsim

But Dhalsim lost pretty bad to Chun-Li

Outside of those 3, I don’t think anyone else in WW was competitive

Gief was A tier in Alpha 2 because of his ridiculous j.lk SPD tick throw, which was hard to escape and jump out of. He also had a damaging CC which did draw dropping damage and can be ticked into a magic throw.

I know Gief was considered top tier for several years in Alpha 3, however Ver’s 2006 tier list puts him somewhere in B tier. Looks like S-tier only consist of Dhalsim, Akuma, and Sodom. Though I shouldn’t take that as gospel, but Ver is probably the most knolwedgable A3 player currently.

Seems like Chun Li is always up there somewhere. Impressive considering how many games she’s been in.