Who is the Muay Thai king? Sagat vs Joe higashi


I wanna know what yall think about this subject. Personally i think Joe Higashi would be the king whats the rest of SRK think?

  1. Screw you.

  2. King from Art of Fighting.


We have a winner :tup:


thank you feed the feed back very helpful…keep it coming…SRK is great for helping 09 members…i love arcana heart…hit me up on myspace and twitter.


Street Fighter 2 started the fighting game craze/scene as we know it.

Sagat was the boss of Street Fighter 1.

He definitely created/shaped the archetype.

I don’t know if he’s really better than the ones who came after, but seniority is on his side.


Yes, because this post really suggests that you need some help with something and not that you’re just passing time posting a vs. thread which, by the way, is against forum rules.

Also yeah, King.


like who really cares.


As much as I want to say Joe I’m gonna have to say Sagat because of being more vicious.


Out with the old. In with the new.


It’s your own fault.

87 thousand members and counting. Obviously a lot of people are doing something right.


agree with spuddly.

this is the only muay thai “king”



no VS threads.


So awesome, that I get to flash this symbol again to summon you know who. :rofl:


No love for Brad Burns?
“Don’t worry pal, I won’t forget ya”


King of course. But I’d go with Joe.


Joe. More options.


i bet if sagat had a taunt where he showed his bare bottom it would cause people to go blind. I mean with Joe it’s not that sick because he’s a joker or whatever but like sagat is a very big and scary dude. Oh and he would do the a ha ha ha laugh afterward and would probably fart too.


Hwa Jai


Apachai Hopachai, apapapapa


Definitely Sagat.