Who is the mystery kombatant



I have alot of theories… for characters that could possibly shoot up



reason why??.. well he was in the storymode… so we know they’ve atleast done some artwork on him in MK9 so…probly will be a way for them to save money by not having to redesign a whole new character when he’s already designed…

reason why not??.. hes a boss



reason why??.. well jax cant be the only black guy in the game… Das Racist…jk…
but on the real note darrius was a decent character and alot of ppl liked him…

reason why not??.. hes from the new mortal kombats and he could possibly be a flawed character


reason why??.. it was cool having a female subzero counterpart… i liked her alot … and i think it could bring another twist to the game…

reason why not… ?? too many freeze characters in the game

MK3/UMK3 Subzero:

reason why??.. he had ice shower!!!
reason why not…?? again too many freezes characters in the game


reason why??.. chameleon was a great character… he was somewhat essentially the cybersubzero of his time, because cyber subzero has so many moves integrated into himself from other characters…

the same went with chameleon… he could morph into other characters like shang tsung… but he could only morph into ninja characters…
he had some of the same moves as other characters… lightning…like NW&Rain… dash like reptile… teleport like scorpions… and shoulder charge that subzero used to have…
essentially he could be a kunglao killer and a reptile killer…

reason why not…?? it might wear the game out a little being that there would be then 3 characters that take many moves from different characters…
cybersub-… bombs(cyrax)… teleport(cyrax)… slide(subzero)… freeze(subzero)… divekick…(KL)
kenshi-… upaxe/upsword(NW)… charge(NW)… telefurry(noob)… teleslash(combo of 2 characteres Shang tsung/skarlet)
and also the character has no storyline … it is only known that he is the same race as reptile… and because hes such a powerful and broad diverse character.

Mystery Character:
maybe it is someone we have not seen yet… maybe someone brand new… maybe someone to prove us all wrong…

i saw a screenshot that been floating on the net lately that looks legit but looks so ridiculous that i dont think its true… because the character literally looks like vin diesel from riddick… heres the link [media=youtube]cgDMsN06BuM[/media]

and also stumbled upon another vid that claims to know the date of this release and two possible characters that it could be…




A new character.


I have my fingers crossed for Drahmin


There’s a high chance that it’s going to be Tanya. First off, the character is already in the game; Her entire player model is in the same league as our first DLC character, Skarlet, by being in Kahn’s Coliseum.

Secondly, I recently came across some Concept Art from the guy who made a few other Concept Arts for the game. That, along with the fact that a lot of fans have been vying for Tanya, gives a good conclusive idea on ‘why’.

Shinnok was originally my secondary choice (He is in the ending) but that was a cinematic model. A cinematic model is not the same as a player model in terms of coding expertise, therefore they’d have to make an entirely new model, OR use the one in the Temple with some alterations.

Third is Fujin, because as we all know the Announcers voice data was leaked. That’s not to say that it’s specifically going to be Fujin, but there is a chance of that as well.

To say a few on the other above characters mentioned. No to Mavado; I have not found a single person who wants Mavado for this. They’d rather have him later on, say, with Kira. Frost is also completely out of the question; While her player model was also found, it was a low-resolution file, and they’d need to bring it from the bottom up. Darrius even being mentioned just baffles me; he was just kind of ‘there’ in Deception, didn’t make any sense to exist.

The primary reason I say that the top three are being Tanya, Shinnok, or Fujin, is because all three of them were in Mortal Kombat 4; A hint that Quan Chi’s cinematic trolling failed to show off right away. The game is still going on the direct path to Armageddon. Those three mentioned are the only ones I can recall (Besides Kai, and Reiko) that were from that game. However Reiko was never once mentioned, and no one likes Kai.


Totes Fujin.


1st off, I can 150% confirm its not Shinnok. No one outside of NRS employees know who it is.

2nd, still cant believe people still dont know they cant hotlink from MK Warehouse. smdh…


So that leaves the only legitimate choices as Tanya or Fujin.


Robo Homo, Tanya, Fujin, Kai, Jarek or Reiko. Outside shot (imo) Bo Rai Cho.


Tanya. I seens her in th’background, what just like th’Skarlet done.


Am hoping for a new character not really looking forward too Tanya, Rekio is cool would have been good if it was Shinnok.


Tanya was beast in MK4!!


i want cyborg/robo smoke


im putting my money on shinnock, fujin,meat .

would be cool if it were treamor :slight_smile:


Tanya seems likely, but Cyber Smoke would make sense too.


Also, and I don’t know if this means anything,
but you can see Frost in the background of The Pit level sometimes.
Just sayin’


Hoping for DLC Basemale. If not, then I’m hoping for Frost


How about the all bones guy from KI he could fit in this universe… or maybe they make Motaro playable? Of course not that might be fun…


It’s Freddy Kruger.
TBH though if there was ever a movie character perfect for MK it’s freddy


Freddy Kruger definitely was unexpected. I’m oddly hyped for him