Who is "the problem" on your team?

Every team has a problem on it. I like to think my team of Dormy, Hawkeye, and Sentinel problem is most definitely Dormy. But it appears that most people are getting highly annoyed with my Hawkeye.

I will say most times where Dormy survives, he comes back to cause problems later in the match. Generally my opponents burn XF early to try to deal with all the chip my team deals out. Then later in the match when I’m stocked with meter with Dormy, backed by Sentinel and Hawkeye, my chip game becomes so insane that pretty much no one can deal with it.

Generally if Dormy and Hawkeye are killed, the problem is normally solved when it comes to beating my team.

Generally you want your first character to always be your problem character. Character that if the opponent doesn’t get out of there really fast, is going to tear the other team down really fast.

My problem character when from being Dante in Vanilla back to X-23. I wasn’t comfortable with certain matchups with X-23 but I realized X-23 has better normals and movement for dealing with start of the round BS that Dante doesn’t really have so it’s better to have her first. Plus she’s a great meter build for Dante coming in so he can take advantage of all of his BS in Devil Trigger no matter what. The team doesn’t exactly have perfect DHC combo damage synergy this way (have to end X-23’s super early ATM which cuts some damage) but if I build enough meter then they have to deal with dirt nap which will take out their second or 3rd character and either win me the match or get me very close to it. If you let X-23 build 3 meters and then kill off a character you basically lose the next character coming in unless they have like Wesker or above health.

If X-23 dies, if she built 2 plus meters before dying Dante is coming in pretty much ready to go and just as much of a problem with Doom beam assist. If he dies…XF3 Doom is still left and even without XF Doom can still build his own TOD’s if he has you in the corner.

Taskmaster fo sho. I play very patiently at full screen and make you come to me and now I’ve got a great crossup game with swing cancel. Then waiting in the back of guess-wrong-you-die Skrull with XF. Spencer is my current weak link as I just picked him up but he’s still doing work. That’s what I love about the Combofiend style teams, there’s no obvious “snap this guy in to dismantle synergy” weak link.

P.S. I’m not riding his team, I just really love Task and the new Spencer is too good not to play

right now … the problem on my team is Nova … but if Nova dies Hawkeye gets in there and does his damage and Wesker cleans up any left over mess…

it used to be iron man but now nova is the problem he just hurts to much

although without my strange double beam I’ve got serious serious serious problems

my nova is still work in progress.

I feel that my taskmaster got me the most victory but the clutchest of the comeback always fall on my deadpool “shoot shoot…” TELEPORT cH XFC OVERHEAD RAPE YOU kind of feel ^^.

My problem character… Wow, that’s actually kind of hard. I run Rocky/Strange/Vergil I’ve OCV’d whole teams with everyone on my team, so it’s hard to call. As far as being technically sound and knowing combos, Strange would be the problem character. Especially if it’s your anchor versus Strange, your anchor disappears, especially if he’s Spencer. However, Rocky backed up with Bolts assist also obliterates whole teams. Nobody knows what that crazy little raccoon does yet. :rofl:

If I had to pick one, I’d actually say Rocky. Even though don’t know advanced combos or anything, I know his mobility. He has an answer for everything. You called Doom Missiles? Burrow lolol. Hyper Sodium Force? Burrow lolol. Maximum Wesker? Burrow lolol. I love that burrow. His traps alone along with Mr Flapper and Pendulum are enough to keep bulky characters out, and he can cancel his blockstrings into Boulder Trap, Claymore, Bear Trap, Burrow, or Rocket Skates to make them safe. Maybe even Mr Flapper, I dunno for sure though. I think so.

Dormammu seems to be my most consistent character. I’ve beaten many characters with him. Although I use Wesker & Doctor Doom, my Wesker just gets roughshot and I mess up Doom combos.

Is it just me or does Dormammu have a better teleport than Wesker? I catch more people doing teleport crossups with Dormammu than I do with Wesker.

I use Felicia/RR/Taskmaster and I’d have to say Felicia is my problem character. I rush down my opponents all day while mixing them up and resetting when I can. She builds good meter and I try to save it for RR, but I’m not afraid to use up bars in order to kill characters. I’m by no means godlike with her, but the resets and mix ups I use on people tend to catch them off guard. If she dies I have RR who I use along with Taskmaster arrows. I’m not a combo machine with him, but I use his traps and mobility to my advantage. Taskmaster’s just my anchor.

i have blockstrings for days plus the option to rushdown or play keepaway at a whim…plus everything leads into a combo so…
i feel the most comfortable with task anyway. been playing him since day one.

I don’t run Spencer on anchor but I’d like to know why you say that about the matchup :slight_smile:

I can feel it. My brother/sparring partner has been getting a little bit salty about those hit confirms . . . and he plays Vergil. Speaking of pokes, shield skill into chopstick being safe on block was a biiig mistake on Capcom’s part but I’ll take it!

Probably because any tool spencer uses to get in is going to get snuffed out by a spell of vishanti>x factor>teleport>impact palm loop into whatever. Dr Strange is a ridiculous anchor if you sport him with some meter.

Also my problem character is probably Dante for my dante team, and Captain America for my cap team. Left/right mixups with beams and drones molesting the screen is hard to deal with.

Spell of Viscant is what I was assuming. Just asking because I haven’t fought any good ones yet. :wink:

Usually play Doom/Sent/Skrull, and Skrull is definitely the problem according to almost everyone that plays me, lol.

Recently have been trying to not rely on XF Skrull so much, so I made a new team running Storm/Sent/Doom (occasionally swapping the order around depending on match-up), now Doom seems to be the problem on that team. Once I’m more confident in my Doom pressure, I’m considering running Sent on point for a while to see if I can get good enough with him to make him just as scary as the other two as well.

I’m running Ghost Rider/Spider-Man/Thor and Thor is definitely the problem, most people don’t take him seriously which is their fault.

was it you that I told to use bolts assist ? shit os nasty

also teleporter infront opens up way more than behind

sentinel anchor

In my case, Nova, in that he can dismantle a team by himself if given the chance. That being said, my best, most consistent character is probably Doom, ever since vanilla.

I play Chris/Frank/Strange. I’m gonna have to say Chris causes the problems. It’s probably since it’s the character I’m most comfortable with, but anyone with <950k has a good chance of getting ToDd especially if they get wreckless trying to get in on him. As of right now I’m pretty much only scared of Trish and somewhat Firebrand when I use him. I always feel just a tad empty inside when someone runs through him though lol.

The problem on my team? Me, of course! I can’t blame these amazing super heroes/villains for my execution mistakes, failed mix-ups/resets, & constantly putting them through training room/online matches!

But I like to blame it all on Vergil… it might get him to be “…a little motivated” :tup: or just pissed.

EDIT: wow… totally read the OP wrong. I honestly think people have problems with Frank. Both with his assist & when he comes out to play. Too many peeps just don’t know what he’s capable of. I want this to be Nova though…