Who is the real #1 player on the HDR scoreboard?

My vote goes to Blitzfu. The man is a maniac. Of all the top players I think he plays the most characters at a high level and just plain wins more.

#2 is Str8ghtCr8zy87. You just can’t argue with the guy’s skill, or his 1200 hundred wins.

#3 is Haksakoun. Another 1000+ wins beast. I put him third because he seems to not dominate me quite as hard as the other two.

#4 is probably Mr. Karatey, I don’t know much about him other than I once ran into him and his win/loss record at the time was 115-5. That caught my attention.

There are a few other player with over 900 wins in the top 30. I think those guys much more deserve to be ranked high because a lot of the top slots go to people who have not even played 100 matches. The system favors a high winning ration, so someone who has a 20 to 1 ratio because their record is 20-1 is ranked higher than somebody who has a record of 200-10.

There are some legit top players in the top 20, like OG_Sin, MisterEgoTrip, and Godrax, but I say that they are not active players, so I don’t count them.

I think a good cut-off to tell if somebody is active on the scoreboard is if they have over 200 wins. Once you get over that amount and over 20 losses it gets really hard to start climbing the ladder.

Anyway, I salute all of you guys who play harder and stronger than the rest. The droppers and ragequitters may ruin the ranking, but we all know who’s really the best of the best.

You mentioned some quality players, but online ranking isn’t everything (because it is usually flawed, which doesn’t exactly equate to true tourney skills) and whomever is #1 is just lucky, not the best.

I have to say that damdai’s former 2DF ranking system and charts were very close to gauging accurate improvement and skill.

I consider the # 1 position to be kind of different than being a tournament champion. It’s more of an endurance title. Who can bring out the best record against a slew of top players? This is why I tend to consider people with 900 or more wins to be vying for the title of # 1, since their sheer number of matches eliminates a lot of the luck factor.

If I were to just say who I thought would win a tournament out of the top players on PSN, it probably wouldn’t be any of the guys I mentioned (no disrespect).

I’m partial to Haksakoun, although Blitzfu can certainly bring it.

Agreed, much respect to these guys.

i wish the rankings were like CvS2 win/loss ratio…

Syxx is the best player ever.

At first I was like :wtf:, then I :lol:'d
Anyways, probably Shooooooooooomighty, respek.

IMHO, scoreboard match doesn’t mean all that much. I’ve run into a few very good players in friendlies, who I’ve never seen in scoreboard matches.

Not trying to stray away from this topic at hand, but who are the top players on PSN? I know there is a specific thread on that topic, but its outdated and I’m just curious to see who the best players are after this game has been out for nearly 6 months.

Thanks for the mentions Rien and Chachi, but there are some excellent players on PSN who don’t play scoreboard. Like TrueOldSchool and Syxx. Also an honorable mention to RGBunknown and jeffhizzle. I vote for John Choi as the #1 player, tournament wise and online wise.

Probably my vote goes to John Choi too. Nobody doubts blitzfu, Syxx, RGBunknown and many other players on the top 50 are damn good as well.

Blitzfu, I have a few questions that I’d like to ask of you:

when did you start
what was your longest layoff for the SF series
how many hours a week do you average

I’m wondering if I’ve plateaued after a 2 month return and an almost 15 year layoff of serious competitive play. Or maybe I’ve just plateaued with Sagat. Anyhow, I suffer from a lack of feedback during and after matches, and from not being able to watch a dominating Sagat deal with the the strategies I find troublesome. My strategy of turtling and spamming tiger shots, using AA TU, and TK into throw/TU is very susceptible, especially after people adjust in the 2nd/3rd rounds.

^^I started when ST was released in 1995, but I originally started in 1989 with SF1.
My longest layoff was 5 years, between 2003 and 2008. I used to play nothing but O.Ryu in ST cuz of his invincible Shoryukens, and also used to main Ryu from WW to HF, but since I joined SRK and learned about pianoing and reversal attacks thanks to Sirlin’s tutorial vid and NKI’s reversal attack vid, my game has jumped considerably. I never used to be this good in the “old days”.
I play at least 8 hours a week.

Street Fighter is a state of mind. If you’re not confident, it will reflect in your gameplay. I never have thoughts of “plateauing” or “being dominated”. I play to win, and if I feel like I’m losing too much, I switch characters, especially the chars I have no idea what I’m doing with, like Claw, Hawk or Honda. That really refreshes my mind and then I return to my main chars and play better. I guess that just works for me.

Gradx, your Sagat is pretty good and also very unpredictable. I think your mind is just playing games with you. If you just keep on doing what you’re doing, I think you will get extremely good.

JohnChoiBoy was the only player that I went and looked up his name right after a series of ranked matches (where I kept hoping to get rematched and I did, like 6-7 times) almost 100% sure he was tournament veteran.

His style was reminiscent of how we used to play in HF back in its arcade heyday. The first time he jumped in he did a normal FK or FP probably hoping to combo and when I punished it hard, he switched to the air hurricane kick immediately. I don’t remember him doing a normal in the air again after that except for maybe the air juggle or J.FK, c.FK, fireballs for tick damage when he knew I wasn’t setup for the TU.

You can’t really look at his record either because he has said his roommate uses the same sign-on. His roommate plays as Boxer and they each have a specific colored Ken they use. Check the GGs thread for further details.

Well, the purpose of this thread was to name the highest ranked person on the scoreboard, outside of the abilities of the player. Getting a high rank is a less a test of individual match skill and more a test of a person’s ability to play at a high level over and over and over. Kind of a badge of honor to the person who has put the most dedication into the online version of this game to have their name on the top of the board. It’s a shame that the ranking system is seriously flawed and basically meaningless.

The best player on PSN, Xbox live, and probably the entire US is without a doubt John Choi. Also the nicest guy you will ever meet.

Blitzfu: I feel you on the idea of not getting dominated. I feel that since this game has come out my skills have improved 10x times over, and I’ve gotten very used to getting a hold on my nerves and playing as hard as I can to win, no matter how good my opponent is perceived to be. It used to be when I went to tournaments I would feel like I was going to throw up every time my matches were called. Now I don’t care who it is. Muteki, Calipower, Aniken, Choiboy, Daigo, whoever. I’m ready to fight anybody. I’ll give em the fight of their life!:nunchuck:

lol, or at least I won’t just roll over and give up.

PSN HDR Scoreboard

I have to say hats off to blitzfu, he’s really one of the most “active” skillful player on all fronts! Whether scoreboard or friendlies. I guess you can see it in his SRK quote “ST Remix All Day” and he’s not kidding. There’s other excellent players out there too, but they don’t play scoreboard matches.

The scoreboard isn’t a fair assessment of who’s the best, per say! It just who has the best win ratio and even at that it’s flawed with player disconnects! Most of the best players that I can think of are here at SRK. If you want to keep up with who’s the best on HDR for PSN, there’s a thread for that already, a tad out-dated I’d say since SF4 was released. We should up-date that for anybody whose interested in seeing who’s who, etc. Too bad Spoon’s (dubbed by blitz’s as the HDR Doctor) not around on HDR to do a player scorecard feedback! That was the shyt, he’ll breakdown your strengths and weaknesses (if any)!