Who is the real japanese fighter that give the inspiration to create ryu and joe higashi

hello everyone
a lot of player play street fighter and king of fighter both game take the same japanese fighter too create each hero
who is this fighter ? let see your knowledge guy :slight_smile: thank you

if the topic is in the wrong section ? just move it thank you

I want you to leave.

why ? every character are from some inspiration right ? i think is nice too know from Where character are create and btW anyone force you to read and post and no need to be rude because your lack of knowledge for my question thank you /bow


Take this shit to gamefaqs or event scrubs.

wrong section bro. prepare to get shit on

idk why you need to be rude , btw to answer you no , im just a player of street fighter 1 era and watch a lot of fight from that era and is really easy to know , but im just looking if player of today knoW the history and the inspiration of ryu and player look to dont know and are rude :frowning: you never try to think from where is the inspiration to create ryu , is easy look all karate fighter from the 80 era who win tournament and look the age of ryu and the age of the real fighter ,and remenber they take the same guy for joe higashi


is not general discussion here ? and why to get s??? the guy just have too give me advise and help or info for the good section :slight_smile:

Learn to Google to see where a characters design comes from.

“Aww, come on guys I really wanted to have a discussion about who inspired my favorite fighting game characters. I know I could’ve just done a quick Google search but you guys in general discussion always talk about fighting games!”

Should’ve never brought this to GD homie.

np but you know for ryu ? everyone knoW for m.bison or balrog or mike in sf1 :slight_smile:
btw here is not the pro forum for street fighter ?? what is the use of this forum if is not possible asking question ? ??

i got probleme too understant ??? what is the use of this forum ??? if you can not ask any question in general discussion ?? if is so easy to answer why anyone answer ???

General Discussion is for discussing anything that isn’t about fighting games. That’s because we have a specific forum for discussing fighting games. It’s called Fighting Game Discussion. Here is a link:


Within there you will find the FGD Lounge for posting discussions that aren’t worthy of a thread, which yours isn’t.

thank man hoW to move the topic there idk hoW too send msg to the guy

The man’s got Kaioh in his av. Cut him some slack.

best fighting anime serie ever :slight_smile: i dream to play hokuto no ken, ken rage 2 but virtual fighter style :slight_smile:
btw happy too see some real fan :slight_smile:

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This thread

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