Who is this and is this a real tatoo?

It says “I wanna take you for a ride,” at the bottom. This can’t be real, can it?

edit: Didnt know this was old. mod can delete if they want.

some dood who sux at life and no, that “tat” is fake.

a very bad PS job at that. i thought this was already resolved in GD.

Pretty sure it’s Jared Rea - used to play at SVGL and worked as an intern for either 1up show or EGM, i forget. Last i heard he was freelancing for Joystiq

Derek Daniels

why is it bad shatta?

why is it bad? dood that looks faker than the blue He-Man

Whoa He man had a illegitimate child with she hulk.

Dude, how retarded are you such that you think that shit is real?

… wow … aweful …