Who is this character?


I went to the japanese website and I saw photos of a character that looks like Taokaka. Who is he?



sigh It’s Jubei.


I saw some small info on wikipedia. Do they show him on the story mode of the game?


I think so. I don’t have it so I’m not sure.


He appears in a couple of the character’s stories. He’s unplayable, but he has deep ties with seemingly a lot of the characters in the game.


Taokaka: HEY! It’s the cat-person!! Play with me!!


“All I know is that the cat man did a reaaaaaally great job.”


Jubei’s friendly with most the people he encounters, well except for Kokonoe, on the upside he’s:

Cat person!

[details=Spoiler]Ragna’s fighting master
Haku-men’s comrade from the Six Heroes
A care taker/founder of Tao’s village
Regarded as being the strongest fighter in the world
Kokonoe’s estranged father[/details]

also of note, a sprite version of Jubei appears in Tao’s Astral animation and win pose afterwards

he’s probably on the short list with Tsubaki of the possible new characters for the next version of the game


I also read on wikipedia that Nine is her mother.Any picture of her?


Looks like a bunny