Who is this girl!?

Anyone know? Someone on here posted this pic a while back, i saved it and now im wondering who she is

or just a random chick want e-tention

Don’t know her name…all I know is that she’s clearly looking out the window at the huge battalion of dudes who stare at her house 24/7.

couldn’t you have posted this in the new hot girl thread?

That’s me.

Search for “floronga” typing.
You will find a lot of her.

Here is examples.

**Oh thats just my bottom bitch. She’s my top bitch. **


…i like her better from the side “turn to the side again girl”

lmfao the pic i posted was photoshopped, look at mine then look at the on in the one u posted


Crushing men’s fantasies since 2000.

That has to be from a motivational poster

Whoa, JDM with the assist? Good shit. I had no idea this chick even had a name [sounds fucked up, but yeah. Who knew she had sets? :pat shrug:].

Still damn fine without the shoop. :hitit:

After seein her other pics…she ight i guess


Show me a lame picture of her so I can compare our definitions of lame.

I said after seein her other pics she is IGHT

im saying lame that that wasnt her real booty

check the link that dude posted, i went off those pics

Ah, I see. Photoshopped booty compared to her natural booty is rather lame. I thought you meant she was lame in general. She’s not too shabby.

But then again, what’s shabby?

Compare the breasts too.
It was not just her butt.

You can see the image edit on her arm.

yea i JUST realized is wasnt only her ass, there are a few more

im hella salty lol

Black Beard, because she got dat pirate booty.

You’d still hit it though.

oh yea 4 sho