Who Is This Guy?

saw this posted in another thread:

Nice shirt lol

seriously, that dude needs to become the logo for this website now lol

I have a feeling he’s gonna be missing EVO this year

His hair looks really weird in that picture for some reason.

either that or he’s gonna be gdlk at the bonus stage in Super

Oh! My god :crybaby: I thought it was actual site merchandise, but I guess the tshirt is from Penny-Arcade?

LOL. good point

SOOOOOO many photoshop idea’s running through my head lol

Do it.

lol he looks like vapulus

Agreed! DO IT!

:rofl: He kinda does!

only thing stopping me is a complete lack of photoshop skills lol

i’d love to photoshop the gamefaqs logo instead of that cop car, or the “OH NO, MY CAR” guy in the background