Who is this modder?


I know there was a story about him a while back on SRK, I saw him at the last seasons beatings and he does awesome work. I keep telling people to take their sticks to the Majors and get them modded, but I don’t want to disrespect him by calling him “eye patch guy”, what is his name?


same name on srk
He is a really nice person and he loves shimapan


That’s a stick modding battle injury, you have to respect your modding war veterans


Sweet, here is his FB business page as well http://www.facebook.com/RabidDuckie


yeah, his history was on top page here at SRK, he was having very hard times and the community made a lot of donations to help him, at the end he was very gratefull with everyone and was able to work again.

And remember his advice, ALWAYS wear safety glasses!!


Heh, yeah… that’d be me. ^^;

Thanks for the praise, guys. Means a lot to me. And for God’s sake, PLEAAAAAASE wear safety glasses! >.>