Who is this?


I remember having this guy’s site, and right now it’s bothering the heck out of me, Who drew this and similar pictures? It’s good and the artist has a style i can tell whenever i look at his work.





thx so much buddy


um, how come his site is oddly “Sorry!Japanese Only” I cant find a way to enter his site, plz help? and wasup with this guy? He a nationalist?


Many reasons. Art theft is one. More than a few japanese artists have found their pieces in english sites without permission. This may sound bad, but a lot less art theft happens between other Japanese than english-speakers.

Some simply can’t be bothered to make an english translation for their page (for the same reason english-speaking pages don’t have Japanese pages).

I don’t know how to enter falcoon’s site. But for some artists with a “Japanese only” label, it means you have to e-mail them to grant you access to their site, or write to them in their BBS.


Here is a good falcoon gallery.



Thanks a ton, man.


No prob.


would he be upset if i used his pictures as part of my custom arcade stick?


Haha, I severely doubt he would mind.


How the fuck does he color like that!?


Photoshop =)
Scan to computer
outline/pen with ps
layer out the colors
add pigments, shadows and stuff to the picture to make it’s effect.
it’s all good B)