Who is who in the DLC costumes?


I’ve seen most of the costumes and while some are blatantly obvious, like Dudley dressing like Tiger, Alisa dressing like Juri and Chun Li dressing like Panda, some of them are really out there and I can’t tell if they’re just weird costumes for the hell of it or if they are still referencing someone else. Does anyone have a list of who is dressed as who? For example… Bryan dressed as that clown… who is the clown based on…? Or Huge dressed as a viking characters? Or Ibuki’s outfit… Or hell are all of them referencing the other company, or are some just random silly costumes?


Bryan’s clown costume is his alternate, not swap

I think you’re getting swaps and alternates mixed up…


Ibuki got a Manji clan theme (Yoshimitsu).
Lars is Geki from original street fighter. The claw is very small because it would be stupid if he had the full size version and it didnt do anything.

EDIT: Im still convinced that Poisons swap dont got shit to do with the devil gene. They just wanted her to look like Witchblade.


Byran’s clown costume could be referred to as a swap…its the stratched kung fu clown character design from sf4…that design then turned into rufus…

hugo’s is ganryu…


I’m curious about Ryu’s swap, Dhalsim’s swap, Akuma’s swap, Asuka’s swap (Pullum from SF EX?),
I thought Bryan’s swap was Urien’s outfit, where is this clown alt you speak of and how do you get the alternate costumes for ALL characters?
I just watched a video where all characters have a swap and an alt…


The Alts aren’t available just the swaps…right?
Heihachi as Sodom made me pick up Heihachi.


OR Poison Ivy from Batman, which is what I always thought…

Yeah, the ALTs aren’t out yet, which just means we’ll have to pay for yet another bundle, etc. should that be your thing.


That makes sense as well. You know you can buy them invidually right? As opposed to the more expensive bundle.
Also, anyone got a clue to when new ones comeout? Want new Juri alt badly :frowning:


The Vita version is scheduled for 10/23/12 in USA, so they’ll probably let us purchase them that day or the next, but being CAPCOM who the eff knows?


Bryan is Urien
Sim is Jinpachi
Ryu is Devil Gene
Akuma is Heihachi
Asuka is Ibuki