Who is winning ToL?


Only a few days away! Who’s taking it all?


another option is needed:
° not Japan…

At least order the options in alphabetical order


DarksidePh…oh wait.


My money is on Laugh.


MAO was already the one I thought would take it. With Nuki not coming, he is now clearly the top dog there. Kusumondo would be a big threat to him, but he will have to get past the legions of shotos/O.Sagat, Dhalsims and a couple of Dee Jays such as Afro’s.


I’m going to have to take them all for a ride through the DNGR zone. I’m going to pick them up, and take them for a spin.



Komoda Blanka.


I like Daigo for $10.


Daigo could take it, MAO is another strong player… too many good players.

But i really wish/want that Dgnr’s Papercut or Damdai take this…


I have no idea, but players like MAO or Daigo have bigger chances… I would like to see a Hawk, Dictator or kusumondo winning it though.


MAO most likely. Afro is USA’s best chance IMO.




This evening I asked my neighbour’s cats who they think is going to win ToL,

and in unison the cats replied . . .




Does that cat do lotto numbers?


yes, and also bar mitzvahs


Did the cat pick afro or damdai?