Who is your dream DLC character?


I went to my little nephews house and he was playing Super Smash Bros Brawl and he was using Snake. And I was wondering how BA it would be if Capcom was able to get rights to a character from a different company. And who I would ask for. Personally I would love Jin Kazama/Donkey Kong/Captain Price or Soap(!!!)/Hitman anddd of course master chief.

Just wondering what Capcom would have to do to get rights to the characters… Pay the companys ? But anyway , just wanted to see what/who you guys think …?


Black Cat. Make it happen Killian.


Hsien Ko, fully intact from Darkstalkers

You know, when she was a character instead of a playable cameo like she is in mvc3


Colonel. Fucking. Gentleman.


Donovan from Darktalkers:



I’ll bring some divine retribution down on the top tier, baby.


First of all, no Nintendo character will ever appear in a Capcom game. That being said, I’d pay sizable amounts of money to see The Real Doom and Sackboy, although Sackboy won’t happen because it’s Sony material. Still cool to think about. He’d be the Mr Game & Watch of MvC3, summoning LBP objects from nowhere. He’d have his four “stances,” his emotions. His Lv3 would be Pause mode. 8)


Capcom - Oda Nobunaga (SB3 Utage), he already has stance changes, a sort of projectile with his shotty, and push/pull moves. Plus he’s such a badass sure Date is cool, but I like the Demon King more…

Mahvel - I don’t really have a dream DLC character from Marvel, but there are tons of popular characters I’d be perfectly ok with like Cycops, Venom, Gambit, Psylocke, Cable, etc. I guess to stray from the obvious choices someone like Songbird would be pretty cool, she got some decent exposure to casual non comic fans in MUA2 so she’s not entirely an unknown.


BB Hood, Omega Red, Sabretooth, in no particular order for MVC2 characters.

Squirrel Girl from Marvel otherwise.


Oro and Gambit.


Bishop and samonosuke, give bishop a projectile counter that fills up a special bar giving him powered up specials ala modok with the anal cubes, while making samonosuke like kaijin no soke from tvc(or if legally samonosuke can’t be used, just give me kaijin no soke), full equipped with the awesome lvl 3(but better balanced to deal with marvels mobility) and the gauntlet that releases orbs everytime he hits the opponent and can be absorbed with a special move. Just give me those 2 capcom, thats all I ask.


Slapstick from Marvel would be awesome. :smiley:

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If money was no object for capcom, and I could choose freely , i would love to see a ninja turtle , preferably raf but i would settle for leo,
and if were just adding any ole joe smhoe lawyer who walks in the door id like to see chef ramsey. that would be great, bring that smack talking racoon down a peg


Marvel - Blade
Capcom - Any Power Stone Character.


Oh how sick Blade would be…


Gene or maybe Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara.


George W Bush, with Barack Obama DLC costume.

Training dummy or your team’s centerpiece? You decide!


Oro and Thanos. God, I want Thanos so bad… Not the stupid ass one from MvC 2 either, bubbles… Really?


Gambit, I would main him no matter how bad they made him in UMVC3. Oh all his hypers can be negated by a hadoken, whatever I’m playing gambit who are you?


What you meant to say is Wang or Jack

Riiiggghhttt??? >:-)