Who is your Evo hero?


Who do you look up to the most? …and why!?

For me, first of all I am a committed Sakura player. Always have been. So many people have told me not to use her because she sucks and is the lowest tier of all, I was like whatever. I play for fun anyway. So many people give her shit and it is annoying.

Lul, so my Sf4 hero is totally Scott aka Sabre, for sure. Sabre has done a lot for the community and is a hard worker. Thanks Sabre for giving me hope and motivation! I want to prove that Sakura is a beast and that tiers are lame. Just this weekend, I’ve been motivated to learn as much as I can so that in the future i can get far…

I also want to mention Juicebox Abel. JBA’s Sakura is incredible. Thanks for spending time on helping me learn combos. Hmmm, that is it for now.


Justin held it down.






Eduardo “Vvv scrub” Perez-frangie (Boxer, E. Honda) Making top 8 and never even hear about him is just crazy in one of the largest tournaments if not largest ever. Just goes to show people you put the time and dedication you can make up there too.


Dan from Japan, showed that saving up for super is actually useful in SFIV.


Graham Wolfe. Beat Daigo this year, beat Nuki 2 years ago.


For me it was the EC Team (in particular, Sanford), and Eduardo Perez.

Mad people talked shit about the EC and thought that Jwong was the only person from EC worth a damn. The rotating 5v5 exhibition really showed that EC can back up all the shit they talk (lol). Sanford winning MvC2 was dope, and busting out his Cammy was really entertaining. Jwong’s matches with Daigo is a gimme for hero of Evo2k9, despite the general animosity toward him.

Eduardo Perez’s making it so deep being a relatively unknown player (forgive me if this is an ignorant statement, didn’t really hear of him until Evo) wad awesome. His Balrog rushdown was really fun to watch, especially since 90% of Rogs play him so defensively.


Crackfiend, his near OCV during the 5v5 exhibitions got me hyped.

Hsien Sheng, probably the best player on the Wildcard team and was the one who helped out out the most to get to the finals.

Sanford Kelly, wow, what to say with this guy… He won Marvel and got 4th in SF4. 'nuff said.


Justin Wong without a doubt. He may have gotten 2nd in both games that I wanted him to win in, but he definitely made it a great match.

SF4 finals were the best match I’ve ever seen and I believe will ever see. That moment pretty much made me decide that I will go to evo as often as possible (it was my first).


For me it’d have to be my friend from my hometown, Nathan. He made the Southwest team for the 5 on 5 and did really well against Marn, even taking the very first round. He’s helped my game tremendously and has helped my Chun-li grow.


Daigo obv.


Daigo, then Sanford Kelly, in that order.


The entire EVO staff and everyone that put this together. This year was HELLA hype and the stream was good shit.

A big thanks goes out to all of them!


Justin Wong, the man took first place on 3rd Stike, second on Mvc and stf 4, he is simply put the best there after Daigo of course lol, i would also go for Sanford, the man proved that EC has a lot of great players.


Most def! Luv you Evo staff!


MrWizard and UStreamTV because without Wizard, we wouldn’t even have Evo and UStreamTV because for those of us who couldn’t make it to Evo this year, we were still able to attend.


Crackfiend for making us BELIEVE.

Justin for his show in the finals.

Graham for totally destroying Daigo, just like he inferred he would the night before :lovin:


Crackfiend held that shit DOWN.

Puerto Rico Rog for also holding that shit DOWN.

Justin. I really didn’t want Justin to win it up until the final match where he got all beastly on Daigo.


So many…

Graham Wolfe.


Sabre’s Sakura.

Team EC during the 5 on 5.

Sanford Kelly was a beast!

Ed Ma showed us some tricks.

I couldn’t think of a better finale than the one we got. Justin and Daigo showed us one of the best fights I’ve ever seen.