Who is your favorite character of all of the fighting games you've played? Why?

Fucking Lord Raptor with that crazy shit. HE LIKES METAL.

E. Honda because he doesn’t have a gut, it’s just that his abs are some fucking buff and defined that they protrude out so much creating the illusion of a gut. That’s badass.

I’ve never ever laid my hand on Guilty Gear but I still have to go with Bridget.

there is a dozen of other characters i like, but none are a better troll than bridget:pray:

Jedah from Darkstalkers, I’m not even past scrub level on any DS but one of the things that may end up motivating me to learn Vampire Savior properly is how cool this motherfucker looks

Dudley from the SF3 series, best new Capcom character of the last 15 years or so IMO, effectively breaking the “angry dumb black boxer” stereotype. Awesome to use, badass-looking chains and combos, and high-tier in 3S to boot. Dudley = swagger

Rugal from KOF. One-eyed german in a tuxedo sporting a pornstache that’s also an arms dealer, cartel leader, fighting tournament host and will transform you into a statue after whooping your ass. What’s not to like? One of my favorite designs from KOF. All his moves look classy and dignified, Genocide Cutter is still the best-looking anti-air in any fighter, IMO. He’s great fun to use in CVS2, combos into Gigantic Pressure = mad damage

It’s really interesting how varied the responses are. My fav has to be Q from third strike, just love the character design and the damage output. I get giddy any time i can connect with ex slaps.

For me, it’s definitely Astaroth from the Soul Calibur series. My favorite kind of characters in fighting games are the big, slow, heavy hitting grapplers. To me, Astaroth is THE big guy in fighting games. This guy just defines a brutal, bone crunching, earth shaking fighting style. He’s very imposing, very evil looking, very brutal, and everything that I want and more in my fighting game main. Astaroth is a hard act to follow in terms of a fighting game character that I’ll like more just in terms of…well, everything. That’s why he’s my favorite.

“Your soul is MINE!”

Hanzo: The DEFINITIVE ninja.

Fuck dat, ALL of the ninjas in SamSho. They destroyed the ninja stereotype and rebuilt it in their image.

Suija because I like the characters with god complex, and his narcissism pisses opponent off, plus he always has a cool (no pun intended) water-based fighting style that is impossible for noobs to grasp, thus I see no noobs playing as him. Also there are only so much playable god characters in fighting games, even more so the ones that destroy the world and rebuild it anew to their liking in their endings.

Asura also should have honorable mention, being one of the best character designs of 90’s, having awesome abilities (using seven demon lords as his own weapons), and overall bearing the title of demon world’s strongest warrior.

. … . . …

M.Bison, because while he’s kicking your ass he has a big grin on his face the whole time.

Gouki. Hes pretty sick in every game. I only am competent with him in 3s, but I really enjoy watching videos of him in alpha 3 and cvs2.

Makoto. Really wild and when she gets on a roll she dominates. Also almost every god of 3s is very strong with Makoto. I wish I could play her.

V.Akiha. I was never any good at MB, but I really enjoyed playing her while I played, and was blown away watching japanese footage of her.

tough choice, but i’d probably go with zappa from guilty gear xx. its probably because he’s such an oddball. he has 3 ghosts, a sword, dog, and raoh, as summons. he was never that good to begin with, but i always enjoyed those uphill battles. the win was always very satisfying with him. also, he has little gimmicky moves, such as 5k can evade faust’s ground super and dizzy’s unblockable ground super. 6p is bitchin’ as well.

Alex. He’s an NY wrestler with a Brooklyn accent.

360 grapple characters. Zangief, Hugo, Iron Tager, etc. As a kid (and I mean, 5-6 years old) I used to just move the arcade sticks in circles so the command grabs came out. I later learned how to play with these.

Cervantez is cool too, my favorite character in Soul Calibur.

Kabal and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat get honorable mentions as well.


im joking its kage but but bao lin jhun are all tied for 2nd place

I would have to say Yamazaki though there are many others that come very close to the top, he’s the character I’d play if he was in every game.

Akuma, Nothing can top shungokusatsu.

No fighting game character has impacted my life as much as Chun-Li. Ever since I was little, Chun-Li has always been the woman I wished I could be. In every game in which she appears(except Marvel vs. Capcom 2), her playstyle has always appealed to me, leading me to play as Chun-Li in every Street Fighter game I play.

Outside of Chun-Li, I’m also very fond of Vanessa Lewis from Virtua Fighter and Leo Kliesen from Tekken 6.

Angel (Kof2K2) Very unique and confusing character
Mature (Kof98, 98UM, 2k2, 2k2UM) love her long range zoning options as well as her pressure game, i have no idea why but I simply love this character regardless of gameplay as well.
Ibuki (2I, 3s) What can I say? I guess by now you all figured I like characters with tons of options

May Lee (KOF 2K2) - She’s awesome, screws with your opponents mind (counters, stances, funny attitude, and of course combos)[media=youtube]p_02hGPhKJU"[/media], she needs to be in more games SNK…

King (KOF/CvS) - She’s a lot of fun in KOF and CvS (especially her BC combos in 2K2), a very unique Muay Thai character despite the domineering attitude

Karin Kanazuki (SFA3/CFJ) - She’s better than Sakura imo, why isn’t she confirmed for SSFIV Capcom?