Who is your FAVORITE Green Lantern?

This ain’t a Hal Vs. Kyle debate, there are THOUSANDS of GLs, pick your favorite Non-Hal, Non-Kyle, and Non-Alan (Headliners) Green Lanterns.

For me, it’s gotta be the one Green Lantern who’s most like me in personality, simply because he’s a complete, unapologetic Asshole.

of Course I’m talkin’ about Guy Gardner.


Duck Dodgers. If you didn’t see the Green Lantern Duck Dodgers episode you fail. :rofl:

Sano that was hands down the best Gl spoof ever.

@ Box: …I laughed hard, thanks.

For the question at hand that’s a toughy: On the one hand I relate to Kyle so well, since we share the same name, we have the same ambitions and he was always the “Creative” Gl in my mind, where John Stewart would use his Ring to fire lasers, Kyle would create a bowling ball and roll away.

On the other hand I have my share of favorite “Non-popular” GL’s, like Guy Gardner and Tomar-rei ( Or w.e).

Whatever, I’ll go with Kyle!

That Duck Dodgers ep was pretty cool.

except the end, when Hal Jordan shows up, voiced by Kevin Smith (ugh)

anyway, I think I taped it, but I have no idea where to even look for it.

A little off-topic, but I think the DD show in general was underrated. It should have been on Adult Swim, instead of the regular Cartoon Network line-up due to it’s humor and the like. Boomerang is still showing them though, but I would like some new episodes (Unlikely).

Ironically, Boomerang also currently hosts both Justice League and The Superfriends.

Have you guys caught the DD episode with the Legion of Duck Doom? Black Eel cracks me up.

Since Hal Jordan is ruled out, I’ll say either Katma Tui (gotta love a woman in uniform), or Mogo (an entire fucking planet with a giant power ring around the equator).

I don’t know if I’m in the minority by saying this, but Guy Gardner is annoying. I don’t understand the logic behind the character, since he seems like precisely the kind of person the Corps would avoid.

Guy Gardner is annoying, and the Corps DOES hate him.

thus lies his appeal.


I ruled out the headliners, because I wanted to know which secondary GLs appeal to fans.

I have a large list of GLs I like, but Guy tops the list of ‘second tier’ GLs.

of course, he headlines “Corps” so I dunno if I should exclude him or not.

if I MUST exclude him, let’s go with: Kilowog, Salaak, Mogo, Akkis Chummuck, Katma Tui, Boodikka, Entraktus Vaan.

That’s all for now, I have several in my head, but I don’t know their names, and don’t have any sources handy for which to check.

Most people won’t know who Entraktus Vaan is, but he’s another badass “Evil” Green Lantern, and I hope he ends up in the Sinestro Corps.

The fruity madness that is Dr. Spectrum.

Booster Gold.



who is Dr. Spectrum?, when did Booster ever weild a ring?

if you can prove they were GLs at any time (Such as the time Wally was Teen Lantern, in “Brave and the Bold”), then I’ll allow it…otherwise, pick someone else.

Yeah Duck Dodgers was funny. Don’t think they’ll have new episodes, the series had an ending with Marvin the Martian AKA Martian Commander X-2 hooking up with the Martian Queen AKA Queen Tyr’ahnee played by Tia Carrere. I usually don’t care for how every incarnation of Daffy Duck nowadays is only based on Chuck Jones’ version of Daffy Duck but this show managed to to the character justice, along with Plucky on Tiny Toons too. Paul Dini FTW!

On topic: I thought it was very cool how Clark Kent got a copy of a Green Lantern ring during OYL. Though I didn’t feel like buying every single comic of Superman that came out that month to find out what happened…

But to give a real answer here to the question, I like Chriselon… the dude is a crystal with a mowhawk! :rofl:

Jesus Christ, watch JLU.


I change my vote to Green Arrow.

No wait… I change my vote to Iron Lantern!!!

heh, I missed a LOT of JLU eps.

I need to buy the DVDs.

anyway, Iron Lantern was badass…

I’ll go with Iron Lantern.