Who is your main(s)?

I’m currently working on (in order)

  1. Snake
  2. Falco
  3. PT
  4. Diddy Kong

Right now, my Snake game is pretty solid, and my Falco gets a lot of comments…I do what I can with PT (I’m pretty good at judging bulletseed sweet spots and pulling off bulletseed traps, as well as nailing the uairs, usmashes with ivysaur).

I’m just trying to get a feel on who people are playing.

Main: Ice Climbers
Alternates: Everyone else

and samus

Ike for me.

I don’t have a main. I’m still testing characters

Secondary: Game and Watch

Game and Watch. Bair and bucket for life.

if I had to pick one. It’d be Lucas

Main: Samus
Sub: Zero Suit Samus

I’ve main’d Link since the first game. I’ve been working on Toon Link though in Brawl, his ups are so much better than regular Link.

I’ve been maining Zelda (not Sheik) since Melee, but every now and then I use Olimar and Pokemanz Trainer.

Here are the characters that I consider are my mains:


I still need some more work on them, especially Ganondorf. I was owned by FoXTroT’s King Dedede very early this morning. He kept eating my Ganon, though I would imagine that Ganon does not taste that good because King Dedede kept spitting him out. :rofl:

ZSS, Snake, Zelda. In that order.

If items-on, I play Zelda.

If items-off, I play ZSS.

If playing against some of the fast characters I hate to play against, I play Snake.

I don’t believe in “maining”. I play them all.

I do, because I flat out suck with some characters and don’t like others. :rofl:

I do play other characters though, just mostly Ike. I also play Zelda, Lucas, Marth and Fox.

Haha, I hear ya. It’s just a personal thing with me. I applies this “philosophy” of sorts to all the fighting games I play, seriously. Gotta keep my options open, and what not.

Shit, I’m not even sure yet… it’s a toss-up between Falco, ROB, and Fox.

probably g&w and zelda

No offense but to not have any mains at all and use everyone equally severely limits your skill IMO.

Back when sf2 was relatively new the thought at the time on how to learn your matchups was to play as everybody so you get a sense of what your going to be up against. This in theory works great but people started realizing it’s not realistic because taking the time to learn the ins n outs of a single character is time consuming enough but all 16? That would take an insurmountable length of time and that’s not even considering your life outside videogames:looney: So instead players started to stick to one, two, maybe even 3 “mains” and learning those few characters in depth instead of using everyone, at evo why do you think the top8 almost always stick to the same few characters?

Though if your playing the game just for fun and not competitively or anything then of course there’s no harm in maining everyone (you have a solid lucario from what I remember playing you.)

Yall know my #1 main:wonder:

other mains:
wolf (still needs a bit of work)
toon link (just started using him 2 days ago but i’l make him my #2 main pretty soon.)

Mains: Yoshi, Bowser, Pikachu, and Falco
Alts: Snake, Zamus/Samus Pokemon Trainer, Ike

The rest I sometimes just fuck around with…

Mains: Peach & Fox
Alts: Ness, Samus & Jiggz