Who is your main(s)?




Captain Falcon

It’s only natural a Dudley main come from a Captain Falcon background


Peach. She’s pretty badass.


Pikachu (w/goggles!!)




The characters that I play most are Pikachu, Fox, Marth, Ice Climbers, and Sonic.


Why not. Kirby!


Main: Ness
Sideboard: Lucas, King Dedede


Only started playing Brawl recently on PC via Dolphin Emu, so it’s not like it matters considering I can only play against CPU… But let’s just say what encouraged me to play Brawl was seeing Bowser in action via some top players - That big bugger is just too much fun, regardless of his standing in tiers and all that nonsense.

Considering I’m so new, the only other character I’ve made an effort to play is DeDeDe as he was my second favourite to watch, so yeah, if I did ever get to play against people, it’d be Bowser No.1 and maybe the occasional try with DeDeDe.


God, I haven’t played this game in forever…good times though!

Mains, in this order:
Captain Olimar
King Dedede


Captain Olimar is an absolute beast in 1v1’s, and he can hold his own pretty well in 4 player matches as well. Sonic, I just had to main because he’s my all time favorite game of all time. Plus he’s fast as shit, it’s easy to mix up with him. And Dedede is sheer power, and yet he’s not that slow.


I main DK when I play, I enter tournaments occasionally but don’t take the game all that seriously.

I won a small local tournament with Snake, I consider him one of the best characters in the game.

I like Yoshi and Samus a lot, but I consider them more fun than competitive. I’m not actually a huge Zamus fan, Samus regular was one of my favourite characters in Melee, she’s just not as good in Brawl.


I’m surprised at the lack of Captain Falcon fans.

Main: Captain Falcon
Sub: Wolf
Trolling: Luigi


My mains are:

  • Pikachu, Link, and Peach

My subs are:

  • Snake, Pokemon Trainer, Bowser, Luigi, and Samus


Marth [Excellent spacing and reading in my opinion]
Link [ i have somewhat of an izaw game style but alittle less Z-air spaces and more neutral A’s]




Capt. Falcon - Main
Falco - Sub 1
Lucario - Sub 2
Samus - Casual play


I only main Meta Knight, he’s the most fun to use.
I use Ike, Sheik and Dedede for casuals and low tier tourneys.


In all three games?

SSB: Samus
SSBM: Samus
SSBB: Armored Samus

Though after playing Brawl so much, I really need to brush up on my old Melee Samus techs. I can only basically remember Missile Cancel, the side-A edge recovery trick, Super Wave Dash, and a couple other small things.


SSB: Fox
SSBPM: Lucas


Marth and Sheik always. Would love to get better with the Spacies, especially Fox.