Who is your main?

I’m curious who you guys all main in 3s and why.

I’m a Ken player and have been since WW. I like the way he plays. He seems to have a lot of options in 3s. He’s just genuinely FUN to play as. You can be really aggressive with him, but you can also lay back and let the enemy come to you. He’s really got a lot of options in 3s, especially compared to how he was in ST.

My second favorite is Necro. He’s very different from Ken, you have to be a lot more patient with him, which is a switch. I usually play pretty recklessly with Ken, so playing a character that you really need to be a bit more conservative is a good learning tool for me.

So what about you guys?

Q, Hugo and Urien. Some matchups I do better with Q, some with Hugo, while Urien is just for fun.

Ken, My favourite since I can even remember.
But mainly played him because of the the parry in 04.
I then realised How good the game was then I Just carried on plaing with him, I tried Chun but I couldn’t hit confirm If my life depended on it.

Akuma. Oro is my second favourite but I’m probably better overall with Yun/Ken/Urien.

My main is oro, but i use Q a little too.

Akuma, but I’m more consistent with Ken.

remy. best looks

It’s Makoto. She just hits so damn hard and plays unlike any other character in the history of SFIII. The best part about her is that so many people don’t play her, so its pretty easy to pull out some stuff that people just don’t expect :slight_smile:

After that its the usual shoto Ryu. Trying to get a handle on Hugo, but I’m too much of an aggressive player to play a character that requires that much patience!

i pick necro because the first time i see …i remeber pinoab7 do like a 70% combo vs ken …
i think wow that is cheap. other reason is because he is the only char in the game who have a girl friend (ken have but you can’t watch this)

and now because i understand the game more i pick yun…because he is the top tier
but mi necro is much better

Chun! first character i ever picked in 3s cuz i used to play her in world warrior and i thought head stomp was cool, shes the most fun character in the cast imo.

as for alts: ken, yun, mak, urien, dud, akuma

i try to learn any character i’ve had allot of trouble with in the past, or who is crazy fun


Obvious answer is obvious.

Huh? Vega isn’t in Third Strike.

LOL look at his name

yun, the technical skill required and style of play is too much fun. He’s a challenge, either you beast with him or its game over. I’m trying to break into that upper part (been 3 years now, doubt I ever will). SA3 Ryu also, he has a unique play style with denjin, setups are fun to try and manipulate your opponent into.

Twelve. He’s crazy fun but it sucks losing most of the time :confused:

Also use Elena, Makoto and Yang.


I like juggling your ass…


Main Urien, trying to switch to Yun.

Since I play online most of the time, Urien is a task. Missing combos because of that 1 moment of frame skipping is really frustrating. Of course that happens with Yun as well, but you get so many opportunities it’s ridiculous.

He’s also a challenge to use while also being really strong, so Urien and yun are the most fun for me.

Pink Sean Hadou Burts
Ken SA3
Ryu SA3
Dudley SA3
Dudley SA1
Ryu SA1
and after all that, Akuma SA1 but i ONLY use raging demon.

I started with Akuma, but switched to Ken/Oro.

Oro was my better character, but then I played a lot more people and started to recognize why Oro wasn’t higher tier, because it was much harder to win with Oro than with Ken.

Now I’ve given up Ken and play Chun because I like to win