Who is your secondary?

Granted, I’m no master with Fei Long, but I figured with 38 other characters to choose from, I might as well choose someone.

I will NOT use:

Evil Ryu

[]I hate most shotos with a passion (I’ll use Sagat though)
]I see these character most online
[*]I want to be a little different.
I’ve used Fei since Super SF2 (and remember getting my ass kicked all the time), so now I feel just a little redemption, haha.

I’ve dabbled with El Fuerte, Rose, Dudley, Dictator, Boxer, and Abel.

I picked from these characters mainly since
[]I like the character design
]I like the challenge

In no particular order:

  • Honda
  • Sagat
  • Ryu
  • E. Ryu

Characters I’m learning while playing, with little training room interaction:

  • Makoto
  • Ibuki
  • Seth
  • Gouken
  • Akuma (Ex secondary)
  • Balrog
  • T. Hawk
  • Gief

Sagat, Makoto, and Dan. The latter has an even more linear gamestyle than Fei, and that’s why I absolutely love him. He is also very relaxing to play :slight_smile:

I love playing rushdown with Abel and Dudley…Cody too but I just can’t get used to holding punch buttons for his zonk knuckle moves.


i like kung fu. i’ll eventually fully pick up the twins too

i dont play SF if Fei is not in it. But I would try Yang as he seems like Fei with the same move sets

Sagat , I’m not far off being as good with Sagat as Fei. Just not put the hours in match up wise.

Any bad match that Fei Long has …The King sorts me out;)

Honda you say? T-Who? Russian wrestler??? Easy meat. :slight_smile:

I might put some time into Oni, he’s better than I thought he was.

Seth I love disrespecting people on their wake up and mine #datDP.

no one lol

So, I know this thread is practically dead, but I thought I’d ask this here:

I’m a Honda main that’s looking for a sub to cover Seth, Sim, Chun, Sagat, and Guile. Does Fei have good match-ups against these guys?

Damn straight. The rest of you can suck it.

Basic answer, NO. Those are winnable for Fei but among his most irritating match ups. Chun would be a legit bad match, Guile and Sagat would zone the hell out of you, Dhalsim would make you break something, Seth would probably be the easiest until you got knocked down.

Looking at those opponents, you’d have 2 easy choices. Cammy or Abel. Abel destroys all of them bar chun.

Cammy does better against Chun but would loose to Guile. I’d pick Abel mate.

Thanks tons, man. I played Abel at one point, but left him for Honda. How convenient it is for him to work against my bad match-ups! haha

He’s also being slept on in this version. With Abel having good matches against a lot of the big guns (bar Fei Long ironically) , he’ll end up top 10 in the game, personal opinion mind but I think he’s strong enough to compete. Abel can mix you up with the best of them. It’s a pity we don’t see more Abels, no noe plays him in my area either.

Yeah, it’s a bummer. He’s a more technical character to play though, which I guess explains it somewhat. I like him, but I honestly wish there was a simpler character that did well against those characters I mentioned earlier… Someone once suggested Akuma to me, but I don’t really like the way he feels.

The thing with akuma is he takes far too long to get good with, he can’t be played like the regular shoto’s as all his offence comes from his vortex set ups, I know this because I am pretty good with all the shoto’s plus Sagat and I’m fucking terrible with Akuma :slight_smile: . If you could handle 6 months hard work in the lab, he’d be good, but abel will get you the same rewards if your just looking to fill a gap.

I guess if your looking for simple that does well against that bunch, you couldn’t go wrong with Ryu. The buff on the fireball makes the Dhalsim match a lot harder for sim now, I think someone worked out the trade fireball/cr fierce is now about even making the match slightly different now for sim. Ryu probably beats Sagat, can zone Seth, probably matches or beats Guile, does well against Chun.

So you think Abel wouldn’t take nearly as long? I just know about his one frame links and whatnot… I don’t even know how to p-link (just being honest here, haha).

And yeah, Akuma has so many options – it makes sense he’d take awhile to learn in and out.

Honestly man, it’s not really that I suck with shotos, but I tend to stay away from them, because they require so much understanding at higher levels. I’ve also just straight up never liked the way Ryu and Ken look in SF4 – not going to lie. I’ll give Ryu another look though, as I appreciate the suggestion.

The thing that Abel has over Ryu is the unknown factor. That alone can sometimes win you games. EVERYONE knows how to beat Ryu, the entire planet. Abel, not so much, he’s not a mainstream character so gimmics and mix ups are more likely to work in your favour. Plus with Abel you don’t need to worry about fireballs or getting in which is obviously your problem playing Honda.

Don’t worry about 1 frame links, you can be a good player and not use them, personally I think they are over rated sometimes. Usually a character with a 1 frame link will also have a 2 frame link at the same point in a combo. Better to play smart, than play flashy… :wink:

Oh, mosdef! The unknown factor is not bad, especially at lower-mid levels of competition. And yeah, I just thought Abel’s bnb was a 1 frame link, but the more I think about it, it shouldn’t be too incredibly hard to learn. Besides, like you said/implied, it’s definitely better to be fundamentally sound than to risk it all on high risk/high reward combos. I’ll look into it - thanks! The Fei Long community is officially the nicest one I’ve run into outside of Dictator. haha

Probably because there’s not much of us, and the ones that are here have alway’s been here :wink:

Dictator forums are friendly? I may have to travel over there, he’s my personal bad match…!