Who isn't used?

I was curious about who is generaly the least used character(s)?

probably Raiden



I’m also curious. I’m fairly happy as for ONCE, players don’t pick the Shotos all day!

Well, I often see ppl pick about 15-20 of the characters overall.

Least-used? Hard to say…

Chang, Dan, Kyosuke, King, Yun, Raiden…uhmmmmmostly those guys.

There’re probably others, but it’s hard to recall them when they’re never used, cos they can’t get your attention then! haha

DAYYYYYYUMMMM…I’m getting the urge to go to UCLA right now to play me some…MUST work on fighting damn Blankas! =-O

Well my best character I Yun

Least used is Kyosuke, he almost is so bad he isnt playable.


Why do people say King and Kysoke suck?
I think they are harder to use but not unplayable…lol…I haven’t seen anyone tap into the full potential of these two characters…who knows, maybe one day…
-The Geese

No one said they are unplayable, but they aren’t as easy to use even semi-effectively as the other characters. Learning them to their “full potential” will still get them beat by an intermediate, maybe even beginner Blanka, Sagat, Cammy, and other of the better characters. I don’t slam on any characters, tiers, their abilities, or anything, but the lower tier are lower because of, well, their abilities and because even at their best, they still fall short. Also, most people don’t play because ~most, not all, people don’t enjoy playing them.

Thats not always true though, I can obliterate my opponents if I am at my best with Yun. I must admit it is very labour intensive using lower tier characters but I find it more rewarding when I win with them.

Here Maki, Dan, Athena, Vice, Yun, Todo, Benimaru, King, Haohmaru, Eagle, and Kyosuke get little to no play. The only time people use those characters is either for bullshitting or making an example of some scrub. And I know a bunch of those are good characters (Maki, Athena, Haoh), but Omaha hasn’t done much in the experimenting area unfortunately. :sweat:

I’ve actually seen a good A-groove Chang, his CC hurts like hell. As far as Eagle can be lethal in A-Groove as well.I would prolly say Raiden is least used, or Athena where I am from.

I’ve used Kyosuke, Haohmaru, Yun, and Benimaru plenty of times.

Maki and Eagle are quite in the right hands. Some people probably don’t have the patience to practice them.

I would like to say that Dan can be useful to someone who is good with Sakura (CvS not MvC style). Since if you look at both of them they are quite similar.

:eek: How in the hell did you come to that conclusion??

Kyo, Iori, Kyosuki, Maki, Dan, Vice, Raiden, Todo, Benimaru, Athena, Hohomaru, bah its not who doesnt get used, your better off saying

Vega ( Bison )
Balrog ( Claw )
Eagle ( He is SO used in tourneys!! What is everyone saying? )
Rolento ( Top tier, no way otherwise. )
Sakura ( A Grove - “No Brainer” - Quote Lenny From The Block )

The rest are just not seen, at all generally cause they don’t compete with the above list. But me personally I am working on an S-Grove Vice I hope to get working.

All characters are useable… I have seen someone play with kyosuke and actually kick ass, RC fireballs are very annoying. If you can roll cancel well, any character in the game becomes a threat.

Ok take a look (not neccesarily close).

Both Dan and Sakura have a short fireball that doesn’t travel far from their hands. Sakura has a what I call an extended Shoryuken like move and a pitiful Hurrican Kick like move (I don’t remember the real name). Dan has a pitiful Shoryuken like move but an extended Hurricane Kick like move. They are somewhat similar.

If you take a closer look then Sakura is much better.

I still think Yun has a good deal of power in him, you just have to fight carefuly. I did use Maki for a while but I got bored of her.