Who kills Yama, and Vega?

Who are some good characters to play against Yama, and Vega…
and why?

I find that Yamas rage is exceptionally annoying… also seems like he is the king of defense.
and Its pretty much the same thing with vega.

bison does a pretty good job beating them both, but more vega than yama.


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viscant says vega vs yamazaki is the worst matchup in all of cvs2 and vega rapes yamazaki horribly. take that as you will. i feel a SOLID chun li does well against yamazaki also, along with bison and sagat.

against vega? eagle, rolento, and bison do well.


Worse then Bison vs Iori? Thats a pretty horrid matchup in itself.

Vega and Mai are good against Yama

Bison, Mai, Nakoruru are good against Vega

Kim and Rock…the answer to all mid/top tiers…oh yes…

Chun-li does well against anyone…she is the greatest fighter out there…if she had been in Mortal Kombat, she would kick your head off!

i consider myself to have a really good bison, and buk would own my bison if i tried to counter him at TX showdown. sure, straight up jump rh is good against RC rekkas, but that doesn’t mean anything if the iori player is smart enough to NOT randomly RC rekka. and once iori gets in close, you press buttons, you get counter hit into more rekkas. you RC psycho crusher, you get knocked down. it’s not NEARLY as bad as people think.







I am not that good in cvs2 but u should give them all a try^^^^^. :karate:

imo no one kills vega. his only weakness is vitality/damage ratio imo. yama? vega and sagat are his toughest imo.

I’d have to say Cammy and Sagat, as top tier whore as that may be.

Sagat can beat down the really crappy wall spam vegas with fireballs, and Cammy can with dash back -> dp+k. Cammy can c.mk -> spiral arrow pretty easily against vega, and toss out some “psychic” dp+k to catch the extended claw. Sagat can seemingly use s.mk to keep vega back a bit, and I like to use low jump lk when I get a chance.

The same two for Yama. I find cammys spiral arrow from the right range is a great counter to yamas moves, plus her dp+k move will beat out his whip arm if he tosses it out carelessly. Sagat is just a powerhouse, and will beat out yama based on pure strength. Even if he has to trade hits now and then, he’s gonna be in the lead.

I guess that’s why their top tier though, huh.

Ok,… Everyone lets say that the yama and vega Im going against is the expert yama, and vega…(the most annoying forms of each)

Popoblow you know what Im talking about too, because this is Julians vega and yama… if you recall playing them.

Personally i like what you said about Bison, but besides the jumping straight up rh, and maybe a rc psycho crusher what does he have? Against yama expicaly

Note: yamazika does well against sagat! like counter chracter well… its a vid on my site currently.

so you mean SUPER TURLTE yama and vega? be patient and play footsies with yamazaki. dance outside the range of his standing rh and punish accordingly. yama doesn’t deal with short jumps too well either.

yama has trouble stopping sagat’s jumping rh, that’s the problem. so unless he has a level 2, he can’t do too much other than maybe jump back mp or fierce.

i told you that you should’ve taped my matches against julian at the last c-bus tourney, but you wouldn’t listen, lol. i guess we’ll just have to wait til the next one around april 30th.

Hey you’ve herd about the May’n’ event right? it’s been announced on tekken zibatsu but it has hell cash bonuses for capcom games, cvs and 3s that is. Keep your eyes pealed for it.

fucking arcade cvs2 though, we’ll see. another c-bus tourney april 30th though, get ready for that. my N-groove will make its debut:badboy:…and if i start losing, it’s back to A-scrub for the cheap/easy win:encore:

better be taping that shit, me rushing down in cvs2 is RARE, lol.

Besides Nakoruru, no one character really does that great on both of them. That’s a major reason why people play them together on the same team a lot. SiN and I were both using Yama/Vega/Blanka when we were playing seriously forever ago.
Even Nako only does well on K/P-Yama. Her biggest advantage in that fight is running away and then creating angles against Yama’s bad air defense (and low strong and crossups) C/N-Yama don’t really mind the running. I still play Nako vs. C-Yama and have decent success but you have to rush that shit down. Lots of crossup short, running sweep after whiffs, dumb bird tricks (vulnerable to roll).

The best ways to kill Yamazaki are Vega and Sagat obviously. K-Yama vs. A-Sak is a miserable fight. C/N-Yama vs. K-Geese is pretty dumb although not necessarily a loss, you just have to play insanely patient in that fight and I’ve never really played someone patient enough to wait out my Geese. K/P-Yama vs. K/P-Kyo is like that backwards. A really patient Kyo who picks the right opportunities to parry/JD will win that fight, but most Kyos aren’t near good enough and Yama can just rush him down.
The problem with mentioning Yamazaki weaknesses is because he’s such a different character depending on groove and style. Lots of turtle C-Yamas do fine against what my overaggressive (reckless) K-Yama struggles with and vice versa. Like how lots of people used to say that Cammy beat Yamazaki when that’s by far my favorite match. He just changes so much.

Summary version: Stick with Vega and Sagat and you’re probably good to go. Experiment with Nako, Kyo and Geese if you want to get creative.

Against Vega a lot has to do with your mindset. The biggest problem against Vega that most people have is in their head. They get poked 6-7 times and get discouraged and start playing stupid. Like for example, Geese vs. Vega (not saying Geese wins, just an example). Vega can land 10 annoyance pokes, if Geese lands that one crossup, it’s even. I learned how to play vs. Vega from Choi. He told me to keep taking chances because the risk-reward is so much in your favor and it really works.
Anyways, the best character to pick is probably Bison. High jump, big combos, good crossup are all Vega killers. I’ve used Benimaru and Nako in the past but really Benimaru is more K groove than the character himself, but you see why they work. The same ingredients that Bison uses. High jump, good crossup and good combos off crossup (thanks to K groove). So really they’re just Bison-lite in that match and I use them for show. An advantage that Bison has that they don’t is good whiff punishment. Slide or psycho crusher on reaction to whiffed big pokes. Not as easy as it sounds but it’s doable. Once you have Vega afraid to whiff moves, you’ve got him.
I think K-Rolento does well on Vega also. Great low jump options, good option select, can challenge his poking game with safe slide and low fierce. Low knives are good to start momentum; follow with wall dive or low jump strong and you’re in.
I’ve used K-Hibiki vs. Vega to some success in the past but really that’s all K groove. Any other groove and this fight gets real ugly, real fast.

Summary answer: Stick to Bison, Nako, Rolento. You CAN get creative in this fight. High jumps and big damage mean you always have a chance against Vega. He’s not exactly going to hurt you badly if you screw up, so keep taking chances.

–Jay Snyder

Blanka could also work in this situation.

The risk/reward is in Blanka’s favor because of RC Elec. Vega can only do up close a total of 3 hits, besides rolling claw and super and one far hit. The damage output of RC electricity is greater than what Vega can do. Then when Vega gets afraid of attacking, go for crossups and/or keep Vega in the corner.

hey viscant, you live in san diego? do you play anymore?

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But in all serious I find that sagat and vega are the best to fight yamazaki. Yes yama can go into easy mode with his ranged standing Rh, BUT, if you can bait that out with Sagat, you can standing fierce into tiger shot into tiger shot for a whole bunch of pain.