Who kills Yama, and Vega?

Hey Obot,

I watched the video on your site… I’d have to disagree with you there. The way the match was played was pretty close to even - I’d say slightly in Sagat’s favor, right up until that random Guillotine Super at the end.

For what it’s worth, I always have trouble with the Sagat v. Yamazaki matchup. All of Yama’s abusable stuff gets stuffed pretty frequently. When trading hits, damage seems to be in Sagat’s favor as well. I usually have to resort to playing really random with Yama, and take more risks. Sagat can just play his normal, methodical, plodding self (esp C-sagat) and wait for the counter hits and well-ranged jump rh.

Vega completely dominates Yamazaki, no contest whatsoever.

As for against Vega, Rolento will get raped, unless you have P/K. Bison does good, Sagat can do good, and a good RC Blanka. Important to note against Vega, I don’t wanna say you can roll all day for free against him, but you can pretty much roll all day for free lol. Theres very little he can do about it.

From my experience, Ryu tends to do well against Vega. Cr. Strong. I donh’t really get the Sagat vs Yama matchup though, I know it’s supposed to be in Sagat’s favor, but I can’t really get in range for j.RH, aside from random rolls, am I just not baiting him enough?

K-yama can’t do anything VS Todo, and guile kills vega

Guile does not kill Vega at all. I don’t know who you’ve been watching play.

if anything vega beats guile. jumps sonic booms and out pokes him on the ground making him resort to shit like rolling (his roll is long) or random rc sonics. c.fp isnt a great AA against vega either.

lol, money match at evo for whatever you want, my vega vs your ryu. vega RAPES shoto’s dude. you see ricky vs dan at evo last year? ricky damn near OCV’d him. ryu/ken get outpoked AND vega jumps his fireballs. it’s that simple.


well I been watchin Choi, who you been watchin?
His guile woops vega, my A-guile does pretty well too, all the trades are in his favor.

I wouldn’t money match any Vega.

thaaattttttt nigga yama.

ok a few things… first, guile does not beat vega. But i really dont think he gets raped bad either.

2nd, all of you need to play against a good p-yama. It’s probably the most airtight wall of a character in the game. Any problems he has are covered with parry =/.

p grove gives any character a boost…
Its almost annoying.

I went to Golden Token a couple weeks ago when Clockw0rk came down and I went last Friday just to get a few games in. It seems like that’s the new main place to play these days. I’m trying to get back into playing shape for ECC, so I’ll probably be around a bit more these days.

Also random stuff:

K-Yama doesn’t lose to Todo necessarily. Todo has to get him near the corner first. My match with Tokido at Evo2002 is a pretty good example of that match. Game 1 I absolutely destroyed him. Game 2 I made a few mistakes and fell down near the corner and got chopped down. Jab headbutt also has surprising reach in this match. It’s not the most fun in the world to get cornered, but it’s not like the match is suddenly over either.

Guile vs. Vega is historically a terrible match for Guile. RC and groove options give him a chance, but he still loses to Vega I’d say.
Ryu vs. Vega is also pretty bad. Vega does great on shotos just with poking and zoning. Vega vs. shoto low strong is exactly the same as Blanka vs. Ryu/Ken (not Akuma) low strong. Exact same spacing, exact same counter (slide). To be honest, Ken has a way better chance on Vega than Ryu does just because of dizzy factor, better combo off crossup. Of course, he still shouldn’t win this fight just because he gets zoned away from his mixup range, but he at least has a chance to get that 1 lucky shot. Ryu doesn’t even have that going for him.

–Jay Snyder

I mean K yama always has a fighting chance, but a RC happy todo is just going to either corner you/ frustrate you. I’d say this fight he has to rely more on his/your JD skill than anything.

Guile can just trade that whole match and have more stacked antiairs. once both chars have level three/max guile is better. His level 2 antiair cripples vega, sonic hurricane basically kills him. If vega playes realllly safe its a power struggle for guile and ya alot of times I get poked to death, sometimes you just forget you can play the same game as vega

All this about rc crazy todo vs k-Yama, is interesting. Very much so.
What say you people, does todo do well against p-yama or c-yama? In your opinion?

My experience with P-Yama is shady, 'cause Albert rapes people in SoCal with him. I’d think P-Yama has a great shot against Todo, more so than K-Yama. JD gives you one hit on sheets, unless you can get more than that, but I’ve never seen a human able to do it. Parrying, for some reason, parries all the sheets with one tap. This makes the RC sheets less spamable. Besides the sheets, Todo really can’t get into range against Yama, imo. If he does, though, RC grab will own. I’d still say Yama wins the match, with P-groove having an edge over K-groove.

I don’t know, even if you can parry the waves with one tap, what are you gonna do, it recovers too fast, and he can RC again. Todo doesnt ever need to get in, RC spam wave is all you need.

and if you get that one RC grab, its over for yama, especially in A groove…

I always thought Mai has a good chance against both Yamazaki and Vega?? What do you guys think?

Yes mai does have a good chance… simply because she can run her ass off. and her bnb’s do some nice damage when you get a chance to land one.

personally Im thinking of playing c-todo. if he gets in to some trouble he always has that counter to fall back on…

As far as p-grove my whole objective with todo would be to force my opponent to work. If he has to worry about parrying my fireball thats a +1 for me. Then once he is worried about that I can mix it up… tasty.

Hmn… Who beats p-Joe?

P-joe sucks, anyone top can beat him. P-groove is reliant on good pokes.
C-todo is cool, bait rolls against roll groves then grabxxsuper.A- Todo really is better, he still has the problem of getting in for the CC, but all the tricks he has to land it make it almost gaurantee damage.

grab- activate-CC=9000+ damage
activate-grab= 8000+ damage
ativate-c.lk-wait …grab
activate-cmk,cfp,lpwave,F+mk,sfk(whiff_xxgrab)-all blocked leads into CC.If you see it hit, after the wave start the standard CC
anti air grab into CC
trip gaurd into grab CC
corner 100% gaurd crush, into another 50% GC