Who know about electronic wire? HELP!

I’m not good enought smart about electronic wire.

what’s name called?



What’s word clip wire called?



I can’t understand what you’re saying, nor what you want to know.

If that first image is from a Sanwa JLF then that should be a 5-pin connector.

The other image I believe you are looking for a quick disconnect.

looks like a 4 pin
also geez what part of Canada are you from? Mexico? Mexico,Canada?

Nah, that’s not a JLF harness. It’s just a 4 pin connector. Finding out which specific one (Molex part number, or JST part number, or whoever makes that connector) would take a lot of time digging through a Digikey catalog. He’d have better luck asking google.

The second pic looks like the crimp pin that goes to the first connector. Again, it’d take forever to find a specific part number on it.

JST EH connector. Part numbers in the datasheet. Available from digikey.


he may just be asking for basic teminology:

the top picture is a Molex "connector"
the bottom picture is a crimp “terminal”

each comes in various shapes & sizes & needs to be matched correctly to mate properly.


good to be back