Who like's this new Akuma more?



I mained Akuma for a good while back in Super in AE and 2012 i barely touched him.

Despite his nerfs and system changes effecting him I like this version the best of all.

Cancellable far HP adds alot to his game being able to demon flip off of it as well as K teleport away allows you to set the pace of the match depending on if you have life lead or not

Ex air fireball fits nicely with the far HP change

cl.mk forcing stand is really good too more reliable ways to damage crouchers is awesome and something i’ve always hoped for

who else is a fan of the new Akuma?

As for me I think I might main him again or possibly at least sub.


I’m always gonna like Vanilla Akuma best, but I do like how Ultra Akuma plays.


I just don’t like the words Akuma and nerf in the same sentence.


I’m starting to. Vanilla Akuma will always be best because of the damage but using him in this version is a lot more fun than it was in AE 2012.


I haven’t played him since 3s, but I picked him up for ultra and, despite his HK being weird (I preferred his standard shoto AA HK in 3s, but the link combos off HK are amazing so it’s mostly just a personal complaint) I really like how he plays now. Counter poking with Far st. HP and then turning it into something is great, and since it’d pretty easy to link to, you can probably set up some nasty stuff with it. Just messing around in training mode I found Cr lp, cl lp, lp, st.f. HP xx ex Tatsu works on most of the cast and its a pretty fun link. Anyone find anything else that’s actually useful?


This is by far the best version of Akuma.

Edit- You guy’s taking this comment serious, I was trolling lol.


LOL @ Best version of Akuma.

It’s certainly fun.


Yeah I wish there were more significant changes across the board though