Who lives near Barstow and wants to have a brother over for some gaming?

That was a long ass title wasn’t it? Anywho, I live in Barstow and don’t really know anyone here. Being military, when you move to a new base, finding gamers is either hit or miss. So I haven’t played any fighting games in well over a year now. Anybody want to have a borther over so he can get his game on?

I’m pretty decent in all fighting games. I haven’t played in forever like I said, so I’m not as good as I used to be. But I will make for a competent punching bag. This’ll also give me a chance to get my skills back up and meet some people that are into gaming.

I make a few random trips out to La every now and then, so driving isn’t a problem. It also give me a reason to get out of this piss soaked hell hole. So let me know what’s up.