Who lost or won money due to J Wong?

So who came up on their MM’s against J Wong and who didn’t? Who else lost or won putting their sidebets on or against J Wong?

I lost putting my bet on John Choi.

I liked Justin in this set so I really should have put money on it. I like Valle’s aggressive style but I knew Justin was more than likely a little bit better in CVS2 than Choi. I really should have bet it but jet lag was killing me and I actually fell sleep during the event. LOL. I woke up and J.Wong won and felt even worse.

yo did fucking ino vs wong go down for 6k?

wong vs ino’s 6 characters (ken, urien, yang, chun, makoto i believe)

I dont think so. I’m pretty sure no one would have missed that if it went down.

I bet on WONG and came up a nice chunk of change…There was just too much hype on Choi and the Flag running back and fourth just killed it…I knew karma would go in Wong’s favor…Good shit Justin you are the next Generation !!! Our pic will be up soon

  -D R B

Never Bet Aginst Justin!

I won and lost money on Justin all weekend. Overall I lost, put alot of money on Justin vs DP…but I came up when he beat Choi…but I lost when he lost to Yipes in MVC2 GF.

Cableguy lost me more money than anything.

I only won $10 off of DP vs. Justin. I would have bet more had it not been for a bunch of people overhyping that team. Victory off of one hit my nutsack…:arazz:

Imagine if you actually played a game instead of just being a fanboy. You’d lose 10x more money.

justin with the hate :rofl:

i won on justin vs choi, then won again on smoothviper vs schmidt. didn’t bet anything else.

J took my $20 in EX3…i didnt think he played that game. Plus i havent ran into anyone that could give me a decent challenge in that game for a long fucking time. after that shit i just “accidentally” forgot to play him in the other money matches we set up. lol

lost 500 bones on justin vs yipes, and i didn’t even go to evo :rofl:

edit: + lost 100 on dpc match…got a 100 back on choi match though.


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As far as Blazini…I don’t gotta say shit

Keep losing money betting against me. Your chin should come with cupholders for my nuts.