Who loves Hidden Missiles?

A simple question: which characters love Hidden Missiles more than the rest of the roster?

By love, I mean can make great use of them, and can also do a fair job protecting Doom while he goes through his lengthy animation.

The obvious ones I know are: Spider-man, Dormammu, Sentinel, and Amaterasu (glaive); I’m looking to expand that list.

Taskmaster and Deadpool perform well with HM’s also.

im pretty sure neither of them can cover for Doom well enough when he’s throwing out Hidden Missiles.

I’d say Hsien-Ko w/ gold armor would do pretty well

Watch some matches of Honzo Gonzo’s Task + Doom’s missles combo. He does a pretty good job. I got a local guy in my area that runs Spiderman, Doom, Deadpool anchor and he does pretty well on the zone also.

Taskmaster for sure can get the zone going. Honzo’s been getting top spots in tourneys with the Task + HM assist for a while.



The hidden missles work in a way where you Task can cover them with his arrows and then once he gets them out that sets up his rush to do damage and land throws. The whole team is pretty lame because Ammy does a great job covering for HM’s also if she’s out on point with the assist still. It’s probably the most consistent lame team in tourneys ATM.

lol oh… I think the guy who posted meant if Doom was the point character and he needed an assist to cover him up while he threw hidden missiles. (Similiar to what DiosX does with sent assist) Not what person would utilize his HM assist the best. But if you’re right, then yes I’d agree, I’d also throw in half the cast in that case since nearly everyone benefits from him.

It seems to me that Karst is asking who benefits the MOST from Hidden Missiles assist. Yes, many characters benefit, but there are some, like Dormammu and Sentinel, that benefit much more than the rest of the cast.

In general, I think zoning tactics benefit the most. It’s so hard to get past beams and other horizontal projectiles when you have missiles keeping you on the ground.

I came :woot:

i wish they would change the hidden missile input for umvc3, so you know, I can back throw when I want a back throw …:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah hidden missiles being the consequence for not being in throw range kinda sucks. I heard his forward throws are supposed to cause knockdown in ultimate also but I’m not sure if it’s both the ground and the air or just the air one.

his ground one also does :slight_smile: