Who made this?

ok I was browsing one day and I just happened to find this pic I couldnt help but steal it, but who made this? its so beautiful…

-could anyone make me something like this?

I think your just in love with the girl…lol

ok maybe I am,but really who made this? its some really good stick art

real women on stick art? blasphemy!

i had the stock of that girl but its gone now "/
seriously who did that its nice work!

when I got it off of "deviant art " it said something about “Nastradamus”?

-but seriously what makes it unique is that girl really looks like I-No


wow :confused:

anyway I can contact him on some of his stick art? it looks so cool

its a joke dood 90% of stick art has anime chicks on it.

edit:you know theres an srk member named “debaser” maybe he knows.


nastradamus obviously did the work im a noob still on srk and i know about his work

lol… wasn’t expecting this… thanks :). Nastradamus is my old name.

So… what exactly did you want?

edit- looks like i still have the stock… anyone want it?..

umm im not absolutely sure,but for the heck of it can you put my screename one that stickart? also I can I see some more of your art? so I can get an Idea of your style

I don’t think Corey would like that, lol…

yeah I just posted some new stuff here http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=122085&page=28
… but like I said in that post, I have some other stuff I’m working on so I don’t know how quickly I’ll get to you.

Dang, people bringing up your old stuff Everett.

oh ok got ya:wgrin: just let me know when your free so I can request something…