Who Made you the Saltiest in Marvel vs Capcom 3?

Before anyone even starts, I must exclude Phoenix and Wolverine from this discussion. I’ve heard plenty of those two for a lifetime. Think of this as a vent, to get all that salt out of the system, it feels good. That being said, this should be fun, since UMvC3 is coming soon, and there will be a new shipment of salt to be had there. So before that arrives, I just wish to know about who made you work for your money the most. I’m not just talking to the hardcore gamer either. I wish to hear from the people who play casually online or otherwise as well.

Personally, I found Ammy made me produce the most salt. It didn’t help that she was small, but her attack priority was her face (ankle biting dog). Not to mention she has all the gifts from God when it comes to attacks, infinite projectile/hit counter, and a strong air throw. And have you tried projectiling that dog, the most irrating thing I’ve ever done. So even if I figure out one way she fights, she can change everything by changing weapons. I had alot of trouble with that cold star assist as well, my roomate always manages to use it at the right time with his Zero to always extend his combo or otherwise. Sure I manage to win too, but mostly by overkill or unnecessary use of meter or x-factor. If I did use x-factor early and killed her, I would sometimes get subject to my enemy’s x-factor 2-3 from his other chars with no safety from chip. All from that crazy wolf/goddess. I’m actually laughing at UMvC, since Ammy may be one of those characters that squeezes by with no real change. Sleeping giant I tell ya. But in the end I feel I have a better grasp and not so much hate as I did. In fact, everytime I fight Ammy I get better, so it’s not all bad.

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Who made me the saltiest? People who were screaming for balls to the wall game and then turned around and bitch about balance. Its like they don’t understand that tiers are going to happen and, in a VS game, when a tier happens, it mollywhops a good chunk of the cast. So…

The MvC3 forums is by far the worst character in the game.

random wolverine player # 890320943042980234523423

As much as I complained about the other characters Zero easily takes the case for being the most rage inducing for me. I just can’t believe they make characters like that in fighting games. You can’t poke him, you can barely block him, he has a charged up projectile that causes hard knockdown and covers his whiffs (WTF does a guy who has invincible normals needs a move that stops whiff punishes???). It’s more like you’re trying to outlast a bunch of bullshit than actually fight a character. At least with Phoenix you don’t have to worry about her until she builds 5 meters and you can snap her out of the match. Zero round 1 fight with the right assists has always been the dumbest shit in the game for me. It takes some executional work obviously but that doesn’t make it less stupid. I’d rather fight Wolverine any day than his shit. At least Wolvie has attacks that you can reliably XF guard cancel and get him out of the air. Zero’s attacks are completely immune to most XF guard cancel techniques.

I’ve heard of Ammy being hard to fight but I’ve still yet to fight an Ammy that was like “WTF is this bullshit”. Zero just gets the bullshit done faster and does more damage compared to her. She has some nasty slow mo super gimmicks and what not but she’s just not as immediately threatning as Zero who basically has the same retardo tools especially with good assists and better damage output without DHC glitch.

Wolverine used to piss me off till I realized XF guard cancel takes him out of the match. Now that I realize a lot of the fight is more so about using your XF early at the right time than always saving it for the one man come back it makes it a lot easier to get Wolvie off the screen.

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Also, Zero. I play zero and I can’t stand him.


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