Who makes TE2+ replacement top panels?


Went to go buy a Jasen Customs top panel and his website says its down for deployment. Who else makes custom top panels for the TE2+ for a fair price?




There’s gotta be someone else…


There NO one that makes replacement panels for arcade sticks.

Everyone who does ether dropped out of the market due to manufacturing difficulty, financial lost or they got behind on their orders.


Man I really don’t want to have to make mine. Im way too lazy for this. They are quite hard to make if you want manufacturer quality but I was hoping the demand was large enough that people build em.

Was there any word on how long Jasen’s deployment would be?


I don’t know, maybe the Fall.
His Naval career comes first, maybe he can’t quite say.


Ask @jonyfraze if he makes any. He makes some kickass cabinets but I don’t know if he does panel jobs.
As you said yourself, you don’t feel like doing it because its too much work, so how do you think other people feel about having to do that? :slight_smile:


Sorry guys… Not me either.


There’s websites like ponoko who can make panels if you provide them with a layout. I’ve seen like 2 people In tech talk use that method for wood and acrylic. I’m curious to see how they produce metal panels.


I guess I’m gonna have to find a way to make them on my own. If it turns out well maybe I’ll help out whoever else has my issue right now?


Are you asking us or telling us you will?


Basically saying that I will most likely produce my own for personal use but I am open to producing some for others if it turns out well. I’d probably be into making TE2, TE2+, RAP4, and RAP4 VLX tops. I’ll make a post gauging interest after I figure things out. Would you be interested @VarmintBaby ?


Send me a PM. I can maybe pick one up for you at Evo.


I’m about to join Hackerspace Baltimore, they have the tools to one off, but I don’t know the dimensions. It will take me a bit to learn all of the tools, or I could ask one of the vets if they would be willing to help out. Or alternatively, look up your local makerspace groups and see if some one would be willing to help.