Who needs fightstick art?


I finally signed up after so many years & thought i’d make this thread! I’m sure there are tons of people who make artwork for fightsticks, but i figured what the hell let’s make a thread anyways! So i do all kinds of graphics for twitch, youtube, twitter etc & fightstick art is one of the main things too! Thought i’d share an example or two of my work & then a link as to where you can find me & where to request. I Don’t think i’ll pay mind to my stuff here as much but find me on twitter @jeremydaking & Just hit me up in the future if you’d need any stuff done. Peace!

Here’s a fightstick example: http://i.imgur.com/YCWl5sK.jpg

Here’s an example of “Other” Work: http://i.imgur.com/sVHPKso.jpg


Can you help with something I want duplicated for a te stick?


Welcome to SRK and welcome to Image Mishmash!

Nice work!


So I recently got my ever first fight stick the mayflash f300 and I wanted to change face plate or whatever you call it to a nice one. Thing is its my first time ever doing this so I’m a huge noob so please bare with me. There is one that I like being this one http://i.imgur.com/izK26BW.jpg . Also I was wonder what material it should be so it can be durable.
And one final thing, I just ordered Mvsc3 and was wondering if anyone has any Mvsc3 art for me because I really want some for my stick. Thank you for your time.


I’m looking for some art my Xbox one fightstick can anybody help me???


All the art I’ve ever done is here: http://www.dcorti.com/TETemplates/ I share my PSDs freely, so if you’d like one, PM me. Also, all I ask is that you give me a shout out on the forums if you post your stick with my work or augmented version of it. Just here to help the community.


@GXE these are awesome


@GXE how do I make sure these can fit my stick?


These designs were for the original Mad Catz Fightstick Tournament Edition. So, to make these work on a different stick would require a little Photoshop knowledge. Mainly, assuming the button layouts are the same, simple stretching the background uniformly should work well in most instances. This requires a template for that stick. Many templates can be found on Art’s page here: http://tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/index.cfm?loc=products. As I don’t charge, if you tell me the one you like and what stick it’s for, I’ll attempt to rework it for that stick.


Hey man do you still accept artwork requests? and is it for free? Cause I’m really in need of one!