Who on here makes custom artwork for the arcade sticks?

Just been browsing for about an hour on everything. Im just wondering who makes custom art for the sticks. I just bought this EastLuna.com ::: Images because it was cheap and i want to mod it out.

Im looking for someone to make me a custom cover sticker for the top part. Thanks in advance

its the same as an SE, its easy enough to find existing art in the template thread

If you bought it from that site, $95 doesn’t seem cheap at all.

i’ll make some art depending on what you want. i prefer to make templates with hot girls :smiley:

or anime characters


ya, anime characters as long as they are hot girls :razz:

haha lol nah i got it for $70 bucks at the store, and im looking to make a yun stick possibly

Templates are easy to make for the Brawlstick.

It’s a SE/TvC stick, fits on a standard 8x11.5" label paper laminated and boom, done.
First attempt last year on my SE stick before I sold it.

thanks for the info, i guess ill try where can i get the template?

Taskmaster SE Art

ok since i see someone that can make graphics…could u please redo this Taskmaster TE one but i want it for a SE and the 8 button layout and the xbox A B X Y letters under the buttons