Who plays fighting games under substances

Just thought id make a post to see how many do this…As for me…4 years ago i used to play SFEX3, Tekken Tag and 4, and Cvs2 high as hell…tried it once drunk and i was sloppy…i just didnt care what i did drunk…sometimes i pulled shit outta my ass. When i was high it was like i couldnt think about anything else but the game. I used to be in the zone…then sometimes i would just laugh at all the shit. In tekken i swear i could see all the animation glitches and i know what move is comin just by the 1/8th second animation. Dont smoke anymore due to random piss test and i sometimes drink while playin when i play DOA4 online.

i play doa4 online drunk as hell, just to talk shit and mash buttons.

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i used to get tore up and play soul calibur 3. That shit is insane son. Its a counterfest from hell with the combos coming out like its a sickness. A must do for any game player.

On XBL there are lots of people who claim that they are high/drunk/whatever when they play games (one common excuse they use when they lose, BTW).

I prefer the buzz I get from alcohol than the one from beloved mary jane.

3s and MVC2 while drunk is amazing. I get more into it since it gets so hard to concentrate. Most of my friends suck at fighting games, when we get drunk together I bring my sticks to let them try and beat me. Very fun indeed.

I used to smoke the whacky tobacky and played A3 all night until the wee hours of the morning about seven years ago. Nowadays, I just drink.

I sometimes play A3 on Kaillera shit faced drunk but I usually pay for it when someone of a high skill level takes advantage of my drunken state.

Nothing beats getting stoned and playing Street Fighter…

Drinkin + EX 3 = Gief’s 3 lvl is insane in GRABBLER THREE DDEEEEE!!!


Getting blind-drunk with whiskey and playing against (sober) friends at Hyper Fighting–and beating them soundly–is nothing short of awesome.

Playing against equally drunk friends is no fun, since they get sloppy, but it is funny when one of them attempts a real life SPD on the coffee table and fails.

getting drunk/high just to play video games has to be the lamest thing in the world. im sick to death of hearing people say how crazy playing cs is while drunk. wow i am suprised your gaming experience is altered because you are drunk. what you are playing worse? who would have thought?

I participated in a Kaillera tournament and the night both me and my opponent were online, I happened to have been out drinking before. I still won. Pretty funny actually. But I wouldn’t go get wasted just to play. Seems sad.

you were obviously drunk when you wrote this. :confused:

Weed helps me get better in XI.

weed yea… i do it for enjoyment… and it is a science.
I can really learn if I do it periodically…it helps me to understand how my brain works and see what it doesnt see…not jsut when I am high but permantant things like subtlely hittingthe buttons and timing…I love it.

i play wc3 and mvc2 high. Cant really fuck with either drunk though.

I played the dirtiest runaway Athena (2k2) ever once when I was blazed as fuck. hotboxed room me and my friend did a g. don’t remember shit, but after I OCVed my opponent he said I was the dirtiest player he ever met.

I definitely feel the “in the zone” thing. Even 2D I can pixel perfect everything. I swear to god kara cancelling in 3s I can SEE which frame of the move I kara-ed. be it 1st 2nd or 3rd.

I love going out getting fucked up and playing some SF.

I’m doing that right now

I like to play fighting games fucked up. Usually drunk and high. I keep fuckin up my combos though. :frowning: