Who plays Super Turbo

anyone down for some old school? my tag is EC JOE O

i play turbo still usualy on nights…late nights on godweapon’s main server

hey? you a rasta?

I’m on occassionally under the name “immortal” and I only play on the God Weapon server.

cool,hope to play soon.
Am I Jamaican no.Do I listen to alot of reggae music and smoke ganja yes.

Zeen. lol. Actualy my background is Jamaican. Reggae is the shit…old school anyway. We should play sometime…but actualy i do believe we had played before.

Roo does.

The only downside to playing this game online is that this is already a game where one mistake can cost you the round. When that one mistake comes from lag, it can be very frustrating.

Like I just had a game tonight where I had this Chun’ player cornered and pretty much beat. I need one yoga flame to win, and go to do it. It lags, I stick out a S. MP, she counters, I get dizzied, and I lose.

All you heard from me was a serious of expletives.
(I miss the flame) “Fuck”
(She counters) “Fuck”
(I get dizzied) “FUCK”
(I lose) “FUCCKKK”

lol thats a funny story…but me personaly, yes lag can be a problem while playing, but i don’t think it’s that servere with me. Maybe it’s because you use keyboard.

super turbo is the game of kings and if i am ever online it is what i ought to be playing

I fell over when I read that, but im on quite a bit, If u dont have AIM u can find me in either the Godservers or Anti3d server with the name MiyagiShinX.

Im tryin’ to learn it betta.


After 1am ET. If Im not Too Tired from work.

I play it. There are a lot of cheaters who play as well, like Ryu1999, avoid him like the plague.

:sweat: :clap:


wait wait…are you saying that you cheat?..What up wit dat?

I thought you were a natural? Hell i thought you were cool.


I would figure if someone where to cheat they’d would of at least be able to own a noob…like me…

I’m laughing at his retarded ass. He’s ALWAYS coming on this board claiming I cheat…so now I just look at it as a running joke

very well then…in that case he’s an idiot.

You know, it seems everyone and their momma is either playing this or A3.

Maybe I should try and learn this game. Anyone wanna tutor me?

It’s only good if you play someone face to face on an arcade cabinet. If you play online, you run into so many cheaters. Most people use a controller that has macros so they can spam any move anytime. A lot of people use Auto Fire too to gain an advantage.

If you ever see me online, I’ll gladly teach you what I know…which may or may not be much, but I’d be happy to. :slight_smile:

CDL, don’t make me post a pic of my “Macro controller”. It looks exactly like a green ps1 dualshock.