Who plays Super Turbo

We played, remember, you don’t use macros, but if I remember correctly, you kept saying you desynched everytime I beat you.

eh? whatever dude.

Fatherbrain lose? huh… whats goin on here lol!!!

Lol, means a lot from a guy with triple negative rep’.

rep doesn’t mean too much on here. All it means is people don’t like you for some reason or other, and it’s the people who pay to do it.

ST does seem to crash a lot online, moreso then most games. Also, cheating is rampant on Kaillera- moreso some games then others though (the more competitive, the more cheating goes on)

Yeah, but CDL’s already tried to start shit with 2 people who are fairly respectable on here. Not to mention this is FatherBrain’s forum.

Well, I originally only called out RYU1999 for using macros, but then Fatherbrain got into it.

The original argument was that Ryu1999 was using macros because he was able to do several tough moves on kaillera which operates at 20 key frames and latency, etc, etc.

The biggest of which is his ability to do rising spinning pile drivers easily and consistently. When I asked him what kind of controller he used, he said he used a keyboard.

well if you have a problem with cheaters…have a challenge with me. I will be glad to fight you.

Wake-Up Spinners??? Thats your reasonin’…Maaaaannnn…MAN UP!!! Dem shits easy to do!!! :lol:

uhh i play ST…

HF > ST, thank you.

Hey im new to mame, Someone play with me on Mame0.64 and Kaillera.
My name on Kaillera is Shekeib and i’ll be in the Anti3d.com server.
I have the US version of Super Turbo.

Oh and I have a quick question. Why can’t I connect to the GodWeapon’s Best Of The Best main server? I’ll try to get in but then it says “Connected: Logging In” and nothing happens after that. Can someone help me out?

I play ST , im certainly not new to ST but im new to the american servers , i only like to play on anti3d now even only after a few days of playing on US servers due to people saying im using autofire

its a shame that you just cant be quite good at a game without getting acussed of cheating , oh well … btw will godweapon ever get this autofire detection thing as i think it needs it

lol Trev, what did you do to get accused of using auto? I’ve played you loads of times (under different nicks) and you’ve always seemed like an “honest” player to me.

All you have to do to get accused in my experience is throw a lot.

any1 for some st now…im in anti3d right now

hi :slight_smile: basically get a well timed throw now and again , also ive got a habit of mashing jab after i throw a fireball with chun li , i dont know why i do it its just habit but im gonna have to stop it cause it makes people think i use auto :rolleyes:

ill gladly play anyone on anti3d to prove my point tho

Damn do anyone be on in the mornin’ like 1-2am?

Thats the only time I can really play, when I be dead tired…LoL

Yeah i’ll be on, My sleeping cycle is fucked up due to christmas break so I’m usually awake from 12pm till school, so i’ll play with you on kaillera, my name is Shekeib, i’ll try to be in GodWeapon Best of the Best but if that doesn’t work, i’ll be in Anti3d server

super turbo on kaillera sucks, too many false autofire accusers and too many people’s whose only strategy involves throwing you