Who really is RickyOrtiz's fan?

Who dunnit?

By the way, I have no idea who it is.

I don’t think Black Rob would waste his time, nor would he turn down Lyle’s money.

Ricky’s too shy to post about himself like that.

Everyone knows John is super jealous of Ricky, but he’s satisfied beating him in $1 money matches…

Might be Yoon, 'cause we haven’t really heard from him lately…but it seems like he’d have more important things to do…like drink.

So, I voted for some random guy who really wants to make sweet love to him…'cause really, who doesn’t?

I voted for random guy as well… same reason as Leezy’s…

he also posted in bearcade thread but i think half the guys at bearcade had the chance to make love to him already so… it’s gotta be random!

I voted Yoon because he has a history of creating fake names. Yoon Man aka Uglyboi.

i thought it was john. but apparently this guy went to mgl and played cvs2 with ppl. choi would never go to mgl to play cvs2.

I expect the unexpected with this person so Im gonna vote for HAK

Ricky Ortiz is my hero! I can beat him at Soul Calibur!

Excellent analysis!!!

I’m gonna use psychological tactics and say it’s really Hydro. :wow:

BTW, who cares if Hydro/HAK are not one of the available choices.

I know for a fact that ricky’s biggest fan is in Minnesota right now I know this because it’s been about four our five years and I still haven’t gotten my cool devices dvd box set that was loaned to ricky back :sad: damn you lamar you ex network video lacky ricky ortiz lover and fan-boy.

Who smelt it, dealt it… Albert…

Just keeding, through all of your deductions (it was like you guys were playing Clue or something lol) I’d have to agree that it’s some random guy. If not, I suspect bet_it aka rack em aka shitty texas combos.

with 95% certainty, i think its… LIGHT YAGAMI

jk. my vote is for a random guy.

clues so far…

  • its unlikely its a keystone guy cuz he spammed every other thread first, instead of targeting the keystone thread.
  • its someone who is really bored
  • they most likely mainly play cvs2
  • they go to MGL
  • homo

someone should do like one of those mtv shows and let him finally meet his hero, Ricky.

if he can answer ten ricky ortiz trivia questions right, they have to go on a date.

what’s ricky’s favorite color?

what is ricky’s favorite ethnicity of boys?

in what hospital was ricky born in?

what is rickys favorite zoo animal?


where does ricky get manicures?

what is ricky’s favorite kind of taco?

boxers or briefs?

why does ricky play a groove?



If you even thought about guessing these questions, your gay.

answer to 7




:bgrin: Glad you said that I was about to post my answers:looney:J/K

rofl time to hit up GOOGLE

Hello boys. how r u guys doing today. its really me The Yoon Man. sorry for causing such a commotion. no its really me Black Robert. Just kidding its me choi boi. not really, its me Ricky. he he he., no im just some random fanboy. no im really a horse. no im a broom. no its Gary

Who Cares Who He Is!!! The Real Fan Is Me, And I Want To Make Sweet Love With Albert Carmona!!