Who Remembers Bloody Roar?

I just wanted to say that I think Bloody Roar is a really good fighter. Cool characters, nice combos, and the ability to morph is interesting, and makes the game play ingenious. :bgrin:

I’m sorry…no one remembers it at all.



BR was awsome btw.

“Bloody Roar”? What the fuck is that?
Is that some kind of slang to use against a really pissed off chic?

Yeah, its the ultimate casual fighter!

Very fun to play :bgrin:

I been with this shit since the japanese release of BR1…Man, I played the Tips ‘n’ Tricks demo, and that was it. I was ready to kill for that game. Bloody Roar 4 is a shame, though. Since the us version came out months before the japanese version, I’m sure they got an infinitely better version. They did back when Gamecube Primal Fury came out here. They got their version last. The X-Box Bloody Roar Extreme is same as the japanese gamecube version, right down to the title. Cool shit added: a new character and even FURTHER improved graphics.

It is a very decent fighter. IMO, I never understood why the games after Bloody Roar 2 never had the awesome Story Mode. Hopefully, they’ll create one with all the characters (except the original Bakuryu who is now Kohryu), endings for every character (including Kohryu and Uranus) with a story mode.

It was pretty cool to play with friends but I stopped at BR3. My favorite characters were Long and Shen Long cuz I think they were the most enjoyable characters to play as. They changed into a freakin’ tiger too :pleased: Bakuryu was also to fun to play as well.

ya i remember it

I wish I forgot.

The pace of the game is enjoyable. Controls are flawless, and extended to. Tekken is all timing. Painful timings. Why make a game painful to play?

The only problem with Bloody Roar is that no one plays Bloody Roar.

Shit, I remember when we had it at my arcade under the name “Beastorizer”

The main character is named after a shitty, Yugoslavian car.

How can you lose with that!? :tup:

I still have a copied version of BR3 that I burned for my PS2 a few years ago…that was before I’d ever heard of it, and was just randomly downloading games. I haven’t played it since I got “into” fighting games…

Agreed! I always enjoyed the BR games.

Yeah just something about having the ability to morph your character into these sick beasts which really made the game interesting to me. I liked Alice (Rabbit) and Bakuryu (Mole)…also in BR3 my fav character was Jenny (Bat)

BR3 would have been a good competitive game if they just tweaked it a bit. What the lever recovery should be made less often possible to be used (not every stun should allow for such a recovery) and the command for air recovery and throw should not be the same and not be able to option select that.

Either way BR3 = too much fun with juggles and resets.

Eh its alright, nice casual fighter.

I didn’t know where to post this:

I just found out an infinite in BR3. Imagine the mvc2 storm infinite on sentinel, but instead have stun vs. shenlong. I did 40 hits, and then I had a hardtime getting even 10 after that. Oh well, its impossible to use in the game and I am pretty sure that someone can just lever recover, but whatever.