snort snort

who made this Tom guy change his mind???




We got saved with smash donation money :wow:


Affinity saved us all.


@affinity thanks bitch



Cannon and Wiz are still cucks


The Phantom Thieves.


Brúh do u even see my face? <-

bet u wouldn’t say that to me in real life


edit : @Leon63

you win


STAIR$, the very bottom.


This man



thanks man <3


That’s dope. I was just getting on to get my last little bit of fun out of the site, but this is cool


Wiz didn’t have anything to do with it. Inkblot changed his mind.


wait was discourse the super shitty option, or was it the ok one,




If it means we continue to exist, beggars can’t be choosers. Although, I wonder if we will have to create new log ins or if everything literally just shifts over.


I dunno man, this is the feeling i get about all of this


Uh… okay, I guess.

@Preppy is the best.


If the database can be migrated to discourse than new logins won’t be necessary.


Your damn right Prep.

The very moment I returned the activity count increased. I saved you all.


You could say he gave them the “Dickens”. :wink: