Forum Jewsus.



Fell off the timing when Gill pulled the Seraphic Wing super.


probably lapchi


WTF is this DANZAN bitchassfaggot? Everytime i see him do this snort gayness i want to punt an old women in the face and tell her before she expires that she lived for nothing, i will slowly cull her family with a blunt blade. Fuck you man.


hes making fun of mr wizard. hence why he was rocking wizard’s pic in his av. the snort is him making fun of his obesity. i guess. prob referring to wiz being a pig due to fatness. im saying this since youve been here 4 years and perhaps not know how mr wiz looks like. assuming. th u should by now. but i gather aside from the gd forums you dont venture much out into the other sub forums like the fgc forum or the sf forums to know how wiz looks like.


im just guessing u dont know the explanation of the snorting.


DANZAN is the unfortunate offspring of DSP & his ex-girlfriend, PandaLee,

See for yourself - the resemblance is uncanny.

Thanks for saving us @Cisco :prayer:


@Cisco, you really are a girlyman ― the girlyman ― the Joan of Arc ― the Jersey maid that saved SRK from destruction.



not this guy



@MrWizard :coffee:


Well thats cool, crisis averted I suppose.


It was the ghost of Mozart.

…he piano-ed it.


So glad SRK is saved.

I wasn’t ready to kiss my OG status goodbye.


I did

You is welcome


woah. the fuck is with the upvote?

How is Cisco unbanned? Did all his scam threads in gamefaqs work?

For those who don’t know. Cisco was around gamefaqs trying to scam everybody (including their trolls) that he will leak the DLC’s of MVCI to the person who goes over here and demands his account to be unbanned.


The prophecy of ancient times came true!!


Total guess: It’s open source and thus cheaper to run.


So who actually saved SRK then?




Thank goodness. This is good news.