Who saw King of Chinatown @ceo2011

Who was at CEO this past weekend to see King of Chinatown? (The movie about gamers trying to make a living playing Street Fighter) What did you think?

If you weren’t one of the fortunate ones that got to see KOC for free there are a few options!

Option 1 help convince other large tournaments like CEO to screen the film. (free!)
Option 2 wait until July 12th when it gets released on indiepix.net for download (not free)
Option 3 wait until August where you will be able to buy it on DVD at Amazon.com (not free)
Option 4 wait until even later to download it from iTunes (not free)
Option 5 wait even later to queue it up on your Netflix. With enough queues it will get on. (sorta free)

All of these are a definite except Netflix. That will require your help.

Follow us on twitter @kingofchinatown for future news on KOC or like us on Facebook. Also http://kingofchinatown.com to see the old trailer.

Also, we are filming our new webshow with the premise of “Be as Famous as the Games You Play” Send us info about yourself and hopefully we’ll get to meet you sometime! We have a great lineup of gamers already filmed. It will be just like King of Chinatown but in a show format.

I saw it. Excellent movie. The newest episode of Count3rCu1ture is about the movie, the screening at CEO 2011 and the Q&A afterwards:

Thanks Again to Calvin, Justin, and Alex for a great movie, a great weekend, and a great time.

Guess I’m waiting for July 12. Glad its going to get out there for those of us unable to make it to major tournaments and the like, though. :slight_smile:

I wanted to see it but I stayed up until 5AM and couldn’t make it lol


Another person videotaped the Q&a, thank you!

We are going to drop a quick little viddy up of our style of filmaking fit the new show. It’s going to cover a quick story of someone that’s been waiting in line for the new Zelda game since Monday.

Be as famous as the games you play!

Triforce waits in line days early to get the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on the 3ds. Help spread please! It’s a promotion for our next project that helps gamers Be as Famous as the Games You Play!


Indiepix blog announcing their acquisition of our movie! Please spread!

I can’t find it on Netflix, is it still there or no?

not yet… its on indiepixfilms.com now