Who says women can take pain?

warning: you gotta be fucked up to find humor in this…i sure did

haha i seriously loled hard when i watched this…i thought she got shot my a tennis ball from serena williams.

tennis player tears acl


she clearly went for magneto’s c.hk slide and failed

she falls and starts screaming in pain. NOBODY HELP HER!

she knows what she did!!

I strained my meniscus pretty badly before, but I was lucky and I didn’t feel anything. Was from the same thing: a sudden turn/jerk.
There was just a really loud pop that everyone around me heard and my leg gave and I fell over. Still no pain afterwards, it just didn’t feel like my knee would support me anymore. Hurt the next day though when I tried walking up the stairs.
It’s healed and there’s no pain anymore, but it takes me more effort to support myself on that one leg now.