Who ships parts the fastest

looking to buy some parts to mod my stick

I would like to know who ships the fastest of course i am willing to pay for overnight shipping or what ever is fastest

the sticky suggested lick lizard or Akihabara Shop.

if any one has any experience with ordering from these 2 dealers some feed back would be appreciated.

thanks in advance

You could tray Gamingnow.net or Modchipman.com

The other two while great sellers, are swamped with orders since they are a little bit more established in this community.

Quickest for me have been Nareg/Gamingnow.net and Cipher12.com averaging around 2-3 days. Akihabarashop is in second place, usually taking a week to two weeks. Lizard Lick has been the slowest one for me, taking over a month, but it was awhile back when the SF4 boom hit.

EDIT: Oops. Originally posted cipher12.net instead of cipher12.com. Fixed now.

just checked modchip and gamingnow sold out of the parts i want and the web shop for Akihabarashop is down

let me give cipher12 a shot

yeah i figured it out thanks but this is tough cipher has the stick but not the restrictor plate

looking for the ls-31-01 semitsu

with a circle gate

maybe some buttons also

Akihabara to me has been the most reliable and pretty fast at shipping in general especially coming from Japan. Lizard lick takes a 3 weeks to a month before you get your stuff. Gamingnow can be fast but if he is out of stock, he usually orders a lot of his stuff from Akihabara. Never tried Cipher

Lizard lick was ast with my order, but that order was made PRE SF4, so not really the case now. Mod Chip Man got me some parts I needed fast recently though.