Who should Blaziniflo and Sentinallll111!lll! pick for their 3rd member at ECC?

The facts…

Blaziniflo aka Justin Z aka JZ, is team tourney gdlk gd. Never placed lower than 3rd in any team tourney in his life, usually 2nd, or 1st if wazzler isn’t there. ECC, MWC, FR, EVO, birthday parties, don’t matter son. What?

Sentinalll111!!!lll11LLLL, aka Mixup desciple, aka blocks everything you throw, aka tech hit everything you throw, aka Helm’s Deep, aka Lego Castle, not the 3.99 pack , but the 51.99 family pack o’ Legos, aka my draw bridge ain’t oiled up so it ain’t coming down so you ain’t opening me up, aka rape rape rape, aka he can block, aka…well you get the point.

We have had numerous requests to become the 3rd member of team gdlk, aka team gville, aka Dior Dry Denim, aka team Double Penetration, aka…well you get the point.

The candidates are listed above in the poll. We’ve narrowed the pool of possible picks from 35,398 down to just 10. Yea it wasn’t easy.

The footnotes…Blaze has a gdlk Cable. Sindel has a gdlk Storm. They both have gdlk Sents. What’s missing from the equation? Yea.

Vote so you can make their decision easier.

theres no poll

don’t you look dumb

option 10’s supposed to be team Sasuke’s a bitch motherfucker pussy…aka team Mangekyo Sharingan…aka the real Uchiha…Itachi


Yeah this is some dumb.

Justin, you just went RANDOM making this thread lol!

most of those people on the polls have preset teams depending on who shows up =/

shit? don’t be jealous cause you suck at marvel. I’ll tell you the truth, you weren’t even considered. You were cut in the first batch.

Josh360’s tight. He actually no 10. OTK is pretty tight.

I guess I’m a home wrecker. You have a team? Ditch those zeros and get with the heroes.

considering there was no poll when i posted i’ll go with no

i know i’m just fucking with you.

God isn’t a bad 3 member, i mean hes GOD!

I wanna play you first to 10 for $1! Thats one hell of a way to cockblock a DC:rofl:

bet it

the votes are in …Team Diry Dior Denim–Blaze, Sentiallll111!!!, Chunksta…

he’s unavailable. memorial day.

triple posting won’t make anyone care more.


did i do something to offend you on srk? or just beat you in marvel? Or fuck your moms raw no rubbers.

All of the above. Die.